Back Page, September 2020

Sept. 2, 2020

Twenty Years Ago

A Door Spy DS-6 door viewer was the subject of an article by Jerry Levine. Gale Johnson reported on Arrow C  Series Comet lever locks for residential use. Tim O'Leary studied the Easy Reader access control system by Rutherford Controls (RCI). Jerry Levine installed a Sargent 30 Series exit device, and the entire job took less than one hour. Vehicle-opening tools was the topic of an article comparing High Tech, HPC , Pro-Lok and Tech-Train tool opening systems. Tim O'Leary suggested learning about fire-door regulations as a new profitable market for locksmiths. Adams Rite introduced a lever handle for operating its MS deadbolt lock, and Jerry Levine explained the installation procedure. Jeff Trepanier described the lock-servicing procedures for a Mercury Marquis. Corbin Russwin introduced the Pyramid high-security lock system, and Jerry Levine covered it in his Locksmithing Etc. column. Wade Landrum visited Keedex and reported on several new interesting tools for locksmiths. Tom Leppert, Sargent & Greenleaf, showed how to install the company’s 6150 motorized electronic combination lock. Jennifer Landrum interviewed Kathy Zaniolo, a locksmith in the Chicago area.

Ten Years Ago

A lead article was called “It All Starts With the Door,” explaining how hardware affects the operation and security of any door opening. Jerry Levine reported on new Schlage AD- Series electronic locks. Tim O'Leary recommended specialty tools every locksmith should have in their toolbox.  Jerry Levine outlined the wide variety of applications available with HES Vista V3 electric strikes. An additional article describes F1 series electric strikes by RCI. Tim O'Leary warned readers about various building codes to follow when installing hardware. Our Sales & Marketing section suggested ways to leverage advertising on the internet — still important reading today. An interesting SmartLOC Pro-Line key-changeable lock system was the topic of an article. Where are they now? Arnie Goldman, president of IDN Hardware, suggested ways to improve customer service and build your business. Dick Zunkel counselled locksmiths about avoiding personal-injury lawsuits if possible. Gale Johnson tested a Kaba Ilco 044 key duplicator. Emily Pike interviewed P.J. Slauson from CLK Supplies.  

New Craftsman Toolbox Lock

Craftsman added a new lock to its tool boxes. A long Craftsman history of using locks made in the USA has changed, because Japanese ABA locks now are used. ABA cam locks use a double-side key and have five wafer tumblers. ABA key blanks are a smaller size when compared with most available blanks. Not one substitute key blank was found in aftermarket key blank catalogs. The only available key blank is a BD552 key blank from Blue Dog.

Spacing is: 102/201/299/398/496.

Depths: 1)256, 2)226, 3)197.

Codes are printed on original keys but not on the lock case. The known code series is 001-010 but might extend higher.