Less Is Normal

July 16, 2020

Turn back the clock to one year ago. Most locksmith businesses were flourishing, with little thought about the future. We all expected that tomorrow would bring more of the same, business as usual. A gradual industry demand from mechanical to electronic security products wasn’t a concern, because traditional locksmith business remained strong.

World events during March, April and May caused a twilight zone for the public and businesses large and small. Government requirements to remain in place brought activities of all kinds to a halt. People and businesses were left with no source of income. A large percentage of the population began to spend what little savings they might have accumulated.

During June and July, government restrictions have been relaxed in many parts of the country. Some restrictions are still in place, including social distancing within groups of people. Restaurants, bars and even barber shops are affected. Seating capacities have been reduced in most cases by 50 percent or more.

Expectations are that the economy gradually will return to normal. But it will be a New Normal. More purchases will be made on the internet. People will tend to stay at home and have products and groceries delivered. Unemployment is decreasing but still at a high level.

For all of the above reasons, locksmiths also will be affected somewhat. We won’t be affected by a 50 percent drop in business, such as restaurants have encountered. Security is a necessity. There will always be repair work, but as long as people remain at home, jobs such as emergency lockouts might decrease. 

Our New Normal locksmith business will come in the form of additional work as people request touchless hardware to help avoid the spread of disease. At least for the foreseeable future, touchless hardware items, proximity sensors and automatic door operators will serve to keep us busy.