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Aug. 3, 2020

Twenty Years Ago

Locksmith tools was our cover topic 20 years ago. Jerry Levine provided techniques for sharpening chisels and drill bits, information that never goes out of date. Hubert Curry showed how to upgrade an electric drill by adding a hand-operated chuck. A listing of popular battery-operated drills showed various features of each model. Jerry Levine installed a PDQ cylindrical leverset. Dick Zunkel pitched ideas on integrating delayed-egress devices into an access control system. Installation procedures for a Von Duprin Guard-X exit device were featured. A Pro-Lok PKA2 tubular pick easily passed our picking tests. Tiny fit keys to a Chevrolet Beretta. Roy Iglesias won an essay contest that was sponsored by Lockmasters. Exploded views of a Sargent & Greenleaf 6730 were shown. Adam Weinraub, Pro-Lok, showed how to unlock various Daewoo vehicles. Mike Radom provided inside views of armored-vehicle locking systems. Milt Wolferseder solved lockout problems of Diebold/York round-door chests.

Ten Years Ago

Tim O'Leary explained FIPS 201 government regulations. Scott Baker, ASSA ABLOY, predicted the future of mechanical locks versus electronic access control — interesting reading. Tim O'Leary suggested installing gate operators as a new vertical market for locksmiths. Jerry Levine reported procedures for cloning a Honda Accord key while using the Kaba Ilco RW4 Plus cloner. Gale Johnson showed the features of Schlage CO-Series electronic stand-alone leversets. Jerry Levine wrote of the advantages of choosing and selling AMSEC safes via the internet. A Bianchi 884 Decryptor Ultegra cloning tool was the subject of an article. An overview of various surface-mounted strikes introduced readers to a new line of products. John Hughes pitched ideas on incorporating video into an access control system. More than 400 different vehicle models can be cloned using the Philips Crypto Key, according to our 2010 article. Bob Cronk, Select Products, suggested geared continuous hinges as a solution for high-traffic doors.

New Kason Lock

Kason Industries makes heavy-duty hardware often found on truck bodies and refrigerator units. Kason locks found on commercial refrigerators often use a simple five-wafer lock, but lock handles on truck bodies used a more secure Illinois keyway or a pin tumbler push-in lock made by CCL. The CCL code series is 001-100 and uses a four-pin Ilco 1000H key blank.

More recently, Kason locks have been found to use a four-wafer system. Codes no longer are printed on the face of the lock. Keyway, depth, spaces and code series remain the same as the old CCL locks, but the key blank must be modified before it will operate. First, the distance from shoulder to the tip of the key must be shortened to 0.69 inches. Second, the bottom shoulders on the 1000H key blank must be removed. Use HPC card C12 / 4R when originating keys.