You Are There

Aug. 3, 2020

A once-popular TV show was called "You Are There." Topics featured either historical events, such as the Hindenburg zeppelin landing disaster, or world wonders, such as a visit to the Royal Gorge bridge in Colorado. Walter Cronkite was the moderator.

We all have been there for the pandemic of 2020. There’s no need to watch a TV program to explain what each of us has  experienced. Security was considered to be an essential business, allowing locksmiths to remain open. Because the public was told to remain sequestered, normal locksmith business was relegated to almost a full stop during March and April.

Internet sites have taken on added importance as webinars become a communication tool of choice. Locksmiths being interviewed on webinars during March and April described how their daily business calls had declined dramatically. Locksmith companies that had employees mentioned that they continued to pay employees even though no work was available.

This editorial was written near the end of June. There still are industries, such as restaurants, bars and sports facilities, that haven’t reopened. Business districts in some sections of large cities have been damaged during the recent unrest. The latest unemployment figure stands at 11 percent of the workforce.

However, most of the locksmiths who contacted Locksmith Ledger indicate that they’re closer now to business as usual. Security continues to be an important issue for the public. COVID-19 has added yet another security requirement. As concerns about the spread of the virus continue, the public is asking for touchless hardware products. Electronic sensors, automatic door operators and security systems opened via smartphones all indicate a new sales resurgence in vertical markets for locksmiths.

Changes in business direction won’t occur instantly. Indications are that the rest of 2020 will be a period of slow change, and 2021 finally will be back to the new business normal. During the coming months, Locksmith Ledger will interview security product manufacturers and locksmith business owners. We’ll ask for opinions about how their businesses survived during 2020 and what plans they have to meet new challenges in 2021.

Locksmith Ledger invites any and all security product manufacturers and independent locksmiths to participate. Kindly send contact information to [email protected].