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June 2, 2020

Twenty Years Ago

Access Control was the topic for June 2000. Wade Landrum related positive features of Videx products. John Grist reviewed the Mas-Hamilton PowerLever lockset. Tim O'Leary reported on the care and handling of Trilogy locks. Jennifer Landrum visited the Slideline factory, makers of patio door hardware. Jerry Levine reported on the PortalPAC door controller by Detex. GM models for 2000 were using locks made by STRATTEC, HUF and Ortech. All companies used the same keyway, but not all used the same lock designs. Jerry Levine participated in adding electronic access control to a pair of Herculite doors — not an easy task. Tiny tackled the job of fitting keys to a Chrysler Cirrus. Mike Ferrill tested an Ilco Unican Learnlok Series 850. Steve Young provided an easy system for unlocking a Toyota Celica. Jim Glazier suggested how to find pick marks on locks when working as a forensic locksmith. Joey Dalessio suggested ways to build a successful business — still important reading today. Milt Wolferseder serviced a safe cabinet by Sisco. Jerry Levine showed features of an access control system by Security Door Controls.

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine studied lock cylinder designs being used for Schlage “F” series locksets. Gale Johnson looked at two new rekeyable lock cylinder systems: Master Lock and Weiser. Gale Johnson also explained the mathematics required when rekeying nine different interchangeable-core systems including BEST, Corbin Russwin, Medeco, SARGENT, Schlage and Yale. Tim O'Leary reviewed CCTV cameras that use the analog system. Jerry Levine provided an overview of installation tools made by A-1. Where are they now? Jerry Levine also added a listing of Pro-Lok installation jigs versus which locks they’re designed to install. An explanation of BHMA standards provided  helpful reading.  Gale Johnson suggested ways to make truck advertising stand out as you travel around town each day. Alan Morgan showed how to service locks systems on a Saturn Astra. Nancy Brokamp reported on her visit to the 2010 Intermountain locksmith convention in Los Angeles. Jerry Levine suggested a safe-moving trailer made by a company called Safe Chariot.

Homemade Tool Solves Problem

Chester (Chuck) Bell is a locksmith in Fulton, New York. Chuck told us that he’s missing a thumb on one hand, which sometimes makes it difficult to perform some tasks, which most of us take for granted. One such procedure is to bend facecap tabs into position when completing the servicing of an automobile door lock cylinder.

Bell designed a tool to do the job. The main part is drilled out to accept an automobile lock facecap and cylinder. A moveable part can be moved sideways against each tab and automatically folds each tab into the closed position.

Everyone probably has invented at least one tool to simplify some locksmith procedure. Send in pictures and a brief explanation of your idea, and it will be featured in a future Locksmith Ledger issue. Send to: [email protected].