Notes from a Cheerleader

April 20, 2020

Let's look on the bright side. Fuel prices have not been this low for a long time.  A gallon of gas was once approaching $4.00 a gallon in the Midwest. It may have been even higher out in California.  Now the price is close to $1.00 per gallon.  How long it will stay that way depends on a squabble between oil producing countries but meanwhile we can reap the benefits.

Manufacturers and locksmith distributors are doing their part.  E-mails arrive almost daily with discounted prices up to 50% off of their regular pricing.  Key machine manufacturers are lowering their prices, offering free accessories, and including time payments.  At least one manufacturer has offered a huge reduction in their auto programmer token prices.  If you are considering vehicle lock servicing, this is the time to invest in the tools.

If you have some free time these days manufacturers and distributors are offering an unending series of webinars covering every subject.  Some webinars are topic-specific.  Locksmiths can learn about installing and servicing one brand of access control.  In the long run, the best idea is to concentrate on one brand and the best part is that almost every webinar is free.  In one hour you can learn something new and the internet even allows chatting or sending in questions.  Other longer duration webinars being offered come with a fee but the information can be used for a lifetime.

Webinars which interview groups of locksmiths are also available.  Locksmiths offer opinions about how they are coping with the current business climate.  Most locksmiths appearing on these webinars do agree that business is slower.  However, the fact that our business is considered as essential sets us in a much better situation than any of the 14 million people who are currently unemployed.

Just a little humor for the moment.  Our family owns a cabin in Door County, Wisconsin.  Door County is that section of Wisconsin which is shaped like a long finger extending out into Lake Michigan.  Door County is a peninsula accessible only by two drawbridges.  Local newspapers have mentioned the possibility of lifting the drawbridges and prohibiting tourists from entering the peninsula.

Meanwhile keep as busy as you can and look for better times to come. Wear gloves and a facemask at every jobsite and in your van work area. Wipe van door handles and inner surfaces in the van driving area to maintain a clean driving environment.  During this time concentrate on being safe, healthy and being fortunate that you have chosen our profession.