Best of 2019

Dec. 3, 2019

Every December, Locksmith Ledger presents our Best of lists for the current year, showcasing both new products and new technologies. Our 2019 coverage includes three sections:

  • Best of Access Control: Starting on page 14
  • Best of Automotive: Starting on page 22
  • Top New Products: Starting on page 28

Best of Access Control

Leading access control products utilize the cloud, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and other wireless technologies, with tie-ins to the growing Internet of Things universe and to home automation systems.

The SDC Wireless Power Transfer Device (WPT) uses a radio frequency transmitter to send energy wirelessly across a door gap to power electrified locks and latches. It also powers latchbolt monitoring, REX and data signals.

Yale’s Z-Wave Technology is incorporated into the new Yale Pro SL, a keyless smart lock that integrates seamlessly with Z-Wave Plus smart home systems from a variety of manufacturers. ASSA ABLOY’s ever-growing Aperio line reduces the cost and inconvenience of traditional, wired electronic access control.

Dormakaba has introduced the Saffire XL system that replaces a standard mechanical cylinder and enables residents of multifamily housing to access their residences, perimeter and common areas using their smartphone as a credential.

As facilities and residences upgrade security with gates, another trend is gate closers, including the Locinox Mammoth hydraulic gate closer for heavy duty gates and the LokkLatch3 from D&D Technologies to keep swimming pools secured.

Best of Automotive

Automobile manufacturers seemingly change their security systems over and over again in an effort to force vehicle owners back to the dealership. Fortunately, locksmith suppliers come up with new tools and new procedures to keep automotive locksmiths in the race.

One such product is the Smart Pro from Advanced Diagnostics, with features including built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, an extensive database and an accessory port for the Smart Aerial and future devices.

Chrysler/Fiat PIN codes are among the hardest to get, so Advanced Diagnostics and several other manufacturers have introduced new cable systems to pull PIN codes directly from the car.

Accureader GM ignition removal tools are finally available from locksmith distributors as a package deal. And XTool has introduced the AutoProPad diagnostic tool.

Top Products

Our top products of 2019, determined via Google Analytics, included three key machines: the Ilco Futura, HPC TigerShark2 and Keyline Gymkata. Since key machines may be the most expensive piece of equipment a locksmith buys, it stands to reason that our readers would do a great deal of research before buying.

Top 10 Products 

1.                  Ilco Futura Auto key machine

2.                   D&D Lokk Latch 3 gate lock

3.                   Keyline Gymkana 994 key machine

4.                   Lockmasters Quick Reference Auto Manual

5.                   HPC TigerShark II

6.                   Locinox Verticlose 2 gate lock

7.                   AlphaTouch video intercom system

8.                   Gardall Redesigned Jewelry Safe

9.                   AxisBlu safel lock, Sargent and Greenleaf

10.               Medeco XT Key Cabinet

We also list the Top 20 products of the past year and top products across categories including Door Hardware, Locks, Access Control, Safes and Keys and Tools.