Back Page, October 2019

Oct. 2, 2019

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine reviewed push-pull trim by Architectural Builders Hardware (ABH). A standalone keypad entry system by Sargent was discussed in part 1 of a two-part article. Jerry Levine interviewed Ray Zehrung, owner of Marray Enterprises. Gale Johnson described the installation of a new steel door by Extrudart. Tim O'Leary offered suggestions on which keypad technology to use. Jerry Levine listed cars to be discontinued for 2000 including Olds Aurora, Cutlass and Eighty-Eight. A signal of the Oldsmobile demise. Jeff Trepanier described lock servicing of a Cadillac Escalade. Locksmith Wade Landrum reported on a new heavy duty padlock line called W-LOK. Where are they now? Gale Johnson visited a new expanded facility for Abloy Lock distribution. Rod Oden asks the question: "Is the Pin Tumbler Lock Dead"? Charles Stephenson wrote the first of a series of articles on combination safe lock servicing. Patti Camo, CPL, described the 1999 MLNJ New Jersey locksmith convention. Milt Wolferseder checked out some safes with specialty features.

Ten Years Ago

Security in schools and universities was the monthly topic. Olympus introduced their F24/F28 pin tumbler lock to replace wafer locks in Hon file cabinets. Institutional locksmith Art Misiewicz was interviewed concerning his daily duties as a university locksmith. Jerry Levine reviewed the features of electromechanical locksets. Jerry Levine also reported on the PAC-Keeper, a key management tool from Pacific Lock Company. Everything you ever wanted to know was the topic of an article about hinges and pivots. Another article reviewed the GE AccessPoint locking key cabinet. Tim O'Leary offered suggestions on understanding legal specifications when submitting a work proposal. Tim O'Leary also described what's new in video surveillance. An article shows how Von Duprin XP99 exit devices raised security levels in an installation at Bethany College. Gale Johnson introduced an improved Kwikset SmartKey lock cylinder designed to prevent use of a force turning tool. Gale Johnson also described unusual lock products from ESP. A new Schlage Link wireless home management system was introduced. Locksmith Jeremy Reeder offered a valuable primer on three-wheel safe locks old and new.

Another Roof Rack

Thule, Yakima, Sportrack and Sears have been popular roof rack names for several years and most use the standard Lowe & Fletcher key system. Information on a Saris roof rack has just crossed our desk. This is the first we have heard of this brand although information on the internet shows that the rack is made in USA. The lock cylinder appears to be an import and the plug cannot be removed by raising a retainer in the keyway. A stiff truarc retaining ring holds the plug into the housing.  No key code numbers are stamped on the plug or housing so disassembly is the easiest key fitting approach. Use an Ilco X226 blank as a substitute.

Spacing is: 189-283-378-472-567. 

Depths are: 1)276, 2) 248, 3)220