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July 2, 2019

Twenty Years Ago

A new products article featured locks and tools of the era. Wade Landrum discovered a group of Schlage conversion parts for converting other brands to a Schlage keyway. Jerry Levine described the installation of a Detex Advantex exit device. Wade Landrum also reported on digital access products made by Videx. ALOA was located in Cincinnati in 1999 so Locksmith Ledger featured some of the good places to visit. LedgerWorld announced their October schedule of events in Reno, Nevada. Gale Johnson reported on an expanded version of the Jet ETD-1 transponder decoder. Gale Johnson also described new Advantage cabinet locks by CompX. Billy Edwards introduced a new Master hockey puck lock plus their 7000 series padlocks. Olympus deadlatching cabinet locks was the subject of an article. Jerry Levine explained the new GM console locks which were used for a short time on Chevrolet pickup trucks. Locksmith Ledger interviewed Liam Gribben, owner of The Key Company, sometimes also called Blue Dog Keys. Jerry Levine installed a Dorma 8901 door closer and explained the details. Wynn Kessler explained the connection of cash flow to profits. Locksmith Mike Ferrill studied the RL series American padlock line. Dennis Heath devised a method for manipulating Master combination padlocks. Joey Dalessio provided a historical perspective of the locksmith industry along with some suggestions. Did they come true?

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine interviews am institutional locksmith. Writer Rich Franken reported on the Sargent Profile wireless system. The Evolution of Access Control was the subject of an article. Tim O'Leary solved an access control problem at a bank. Jerry Levine discovered a Samsung EZON deadbolt for the 21st century. Jerry Levine also showed the installation procedure for replacing an Adams-Rite thumb turn unit with a push paddle for easier usage. Tim O'Leary attended an LCN low energy workshop and described what he had learned. Locksmith Jeremy Reeder tackled the unlocking of a Gary TL-15 round door safe. Tim O'Leary suggested the possibilities of going wireless. Gale Johnson reported on the first sidewinder locks being introduced for GM vehicles. A comprehensive list of master keys for desk locks was published in Locksmith Ledger. Steve Young provided an overview of vehicle remotes. Jerry Levine showed a method for programming a PT Cruiser.

Lamborghini Solution

Robin (Pappy) Torrance is a locksmith in North Carolina.  He was called recently to fit keys to hood locks on a Lamborghini Gallardo. The hood has a pair of locks and no code number is printed on the face of the locks. Fortunately the dealership had keys for another Lamborghini hood lock. The code stamped on those keys was 2D085. Using those original keys for spacing, Pappy impressioned keys for the hood locks.  From pictures sent by this locksmith, we determined that the hood  locks were made by Dom using Ilco blank DM10.  If the Lamborghini dealer has the key code on file, use code series 2D001-2D222.