Commercial Door Security Add-Ons

June 3, 2019
The locksmith provides expertise needed to repair, replace or upgrade doors and hardware

Commercial Security focuses on creating safer spaces. While security involves both protecting occupants and premises from unauthorized entry, it also involves protecting building occupants from fire and ensuring their safe egress under all conditions, normal day to day, fires and possibly during other emergencies, such as active shooter events.

The locksmith has the options to repair, replace or upgrade doors and hardware.

Locksmiths are not usually in a ‘conventional’ sales relationship. This is fine since the locksmith’s most valuable asset is the service and skills they offer. We don’t usually count on being the lowest price, but rather the highest value.

Reasons to repair:

  • The item is sound and can be easily returned to 100 percent serviceability
  • You originally sold the item and it’s under warranty. If you don’t repair it, you eat it. Repairing hardware items as a favor is not a smart thing to do, since if you touch it, you own it and in the client’s mind, you’ve set the clock back on the warranty.

Reasons to replace:

  • The item is obsolete, damaged or otherwise not economical to repair.
  • The customer is determined to replace the item.

Reasons to upgrade:

  • An upgrade is required to provide the required level of security and reliability.
  • A newer model or product with integrated / improved features enhances the system, therefore making it a good deal and appealing to the customer.
  • You are upgrading the door to add electronic control or monitoring, and a different item is indicated for the best job.

Some mechanics feel compelled to include freebies with a job, which is unprofessional. If you are employee, you are giving your employer’s money away. If it is your business, you are lowering you labor rate and working cheap.

Every time we are faced with making buying decisions, we all need to figure out what exactly we need, determine if any other associated components are also required, if what we think we need is appropriate, what upgrades or modifications we should consider, and who has the skills required to make it happen.

Virtually every situation requires expertise , product knowledge, experience, installation tools, and the skill sets associated with all the above.

The professional security provider has to tread these waters properly to adequately protect clients.

These observations apply to all our work, from a door to an entire enterprise. The more experience and diversity you bring to the situation, the better you will serve your customers.

Below are some products to boost security and profits on commercial doors.

Capitol Industries'  CI-Series Cylinder and Latch Protector

Hernan Ciecha, Executive Vice President of Canadian company Capitol Industries, wants you to know about one of their popular products in Canada, the CI-Series Cylinder and Latch Protector, which they are now introducing into the U.S. market.

Capitol’s CI-Series Cylinder and Latch provide protection against cylinder wrenching and tampering with latches and strikes. Made of anodized aluminum, the CI-Series are all corrosion resistant and will not cause galvanic corrosion between door leaf and plate. The CI-30 has clearance for electric strikes and the CIA-30 provides additional clearance. Both are available handed, for use on out-swing doors only. The CI-10 can be used for in-swing doors, and the XT versions (e.g. CI-10XT) are specifically designed for use with 7-pin IC core cylinders. All mounting hardware is included.

All CI-Series products are offered with FREE engraving on orders of 20 units or more, a great marketing tool.


• Protects against wrenching

• Clear, Bronze or Black Finish

• Fit all standard Cylinders

• Corrosion resistant

• Easy and quick installation

• Rounded corners resist prying

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Trilogy® Networx Narrow Stile Wireless Access Lock Trim

 Trilogy® Networx Narrow Stile Wireless Access Prox/Digital Lock Trim from Alarm Lock is ideal for building management, professional offices, shared workspaces, classroom labs, retail stores and more. In an easy, trouble free installation, it adds Trilogy® keyless access lock convenience via PIN code or Prox ID, for up to 5000 users, anywhere there’s a glass door. Plus by customer request, it includes new keyfob support, for locking, unlocking and global network lock-down emergencies.

Trilogy® Networx Narrow Stile Wireless Access Lock Trim, P/DL1300NW, are weatherproof, all-metal and vandal resistant. Networked to save manpower, they offer automatic lock or free-passage scheduling to all Adams Rite® latch lock applications. Trilogy Networx locks communicate wirelessly via Gateways to Ethernet or 802.11B/G for a comprehensive wireless networked access control system, eliminating door-to-door programming and audit trail queries (35K), that can be auto-polled on schedule during non-peak hours, etc.  The PDL model includes a built in HID reader for easy use of existing or new proximity ID Cards. This also makes the PDL lock an excellent self-containedhosted access building management system, where the building manager’s access-managed clients are the users of the individual office suites he/she leases and maintains, providing a new service & RMR stream.  

For equipment cost savings the PDL or DL1300NW models, use a choice of Networx Gateways, supporting 63 locks each, and multiple gateways can be used to support thousands of locks per system. Field-proven to be reliable and low-maintenance, Trilogy® Networx Narrow Stile Wireless Access Lock Trim offers unsurpassed battery life with advanced Power-Saver circuits, for years of use, even in high-traffic areas, powered by 4 standard AA batteries.  Available in US26D or US10B to match most doors, this advanced lock trim uses free DL-WINDOWS management software, and a 1-1/4” mortise rim cylinder, supplied.

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ASSA ABLOY Attack Resistant Openings

ASSA ABLOY's Attack Resistant Door Assemblies include products from Ceco Door, Curries and Sargent, along with glazing material from School Guard GlassTM. When under a physical attack, the opening remains secure long enough for occupants to take cover and first responders to arrive. Third-party tested and validated, the metal or wood doors are available in a variety of finishes.

At ISC West, ASSA ABLOY’s Attack Resistant Openings were recognized with three awards: Lockdown & Physical Security, Fire/Life Safety and Government Security Fire & Life Safety.  

ASSA ABLOY’s Attack Resistant Openings feature School Guard GlassTM and meet critical fire ratings, and they are configurable for new or retrofit construction. 

Dan Glover, product manager, ASSA ABLOY comments ”ASSA ABLOY is committed to developing solutions that stand up to the most stringent attack testing and provide customers with a proactive approach to ensuring the most secure spaces possible.”  

 ASSA ABLOY’s line of Attack Resistant Openings includes doors, frames and hardware assemblies which, unlike many aftermarket products intended to fortify an opening, have optional fire ratings up to 90 minutes and are also compliant with fire and egress codes. They’ve been tested according to the FBI’s active shooter report, which requires an opening remain secure through 90 shots of 7.62mm ammunition, followed by a four-minute attack from a single assailant using various hand tools and weapons. Combining security and cost effectiveness, these opening solutions provide industry-leading safety features at a price level attainable for larger numbers of educational facilities. 

Thanks to their partnership with School Guard Glass, ASSA ABLOY’s Attack Resistant Openings also enable facilities to maintain safety and other important elements, like natural daylight, clear sight lines and lighter weight components. These materials support easier operation and lower cost of ownership compared to other products on the market. Since they can be implemented in new or existing construction, they bring life safety solutions to a wider group of stakeholders in education.

Ron Baer, director of K-12 business development, ASSA ABLOY adds, “The key to our strategy was to listen to end users, parents and school leadership to define their needs for enhanced student protection,”. “This critical input allowed our team to build sustainable customer value in our Attack Resistant Openings so that we can offer innovative security solutions for any type of school opening or

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Securitech LDT™ Lock Device Trim

Securitech’s Lock Device Trim is control trim for storefront door deadbolt locks.

How Does It Work? The key or electric release unlocks the turnpiece. Rotating the turnpiece in one direction will retract the deadbolt. Rotating the turnpiece in the opposite direction will project the deadbolt. The turnpiece has built in stops and is spring loaded. Releasing the turnpiece will bring it back to the locked position.

·        Key and Electrically Released Trim for Projecting and Retracting the Adams-Rite MS Deadbolt or Hookbolt. Retrofit Existing Lock on Single Doors and Pairs of Doors; Retains Existing Interior Operator

·        Eliminates Need to Add Electromagnetic Locks for Access Control Use

·        Does Not Change Method of Exiting - (Code Compliant as it matches original, approved exit method)

·        Retains Existing Lock on Single Doors and Pairs of Doors; Retains Existing Interior Operator

·        Adaptable to Many Different Pull Styles on Doors

·        Easy Installation, Thru-Bolted

·        Uses Existing Mortise Cylinder

·        Accepts 24vDC From Access Control System For Momentary Release

·        Easy Installation On Doors With Aluminum Door

·        Deadlock; Exit Device Models Also Available

·        Can Be Used On Narrow, Medium And Wide Stile Aluminum Doors As Well As Steel And Wood Doors

An optional slip-clutch turnpiece protects against misuse and vandalism.

Additional options include LED on trim indicates when the turnpiece can be rotated above the handle… below the handle… to the side of the handle.

LDT is versatile and will adapt to work on your door. Field adjustments to the mounting plate may be required.

Securitech also offers the code-complaint Safebolt, which can be used to barricade a classroom door or as an after-hours security lock that always provides free egress. It retrofits to existing cylindrical lever locks, is affordable and easy-to-install. No scrambling to find the key in an emergency situation; one simple push of the red button allows anyone in the room to lockdown the classroom in an instant. Pressing Safebolt's red button instantly projects a 1” locking bolt to secure the room. No power, batteries or wiring is required. Safebolt™ retrofits to existing cylindrical lever locks, allowing schools to keep their locks, cylinders and keying systems. The large indicator switches from white to red when the bolt is projected.

Safebolt can be unlocked by a key from the exterior, meeting all NFPA and IBC codes, which require classroom doors to allow entry by key, not by use of a special tool.

Safebolt is affordable and easy-to-install. The unique quick marking template brings installation time to under 20 minutes per door.

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Schlage® Classroom Security Upgrade Kits

School administrators are often confused when it comes to lock functions for classroom doors. Help guide them through their options so they choose the function that fits their security needs and works with current hardware.

Traditional classroom function locks were introduced many years ago to prevent students or other unauthorized people from using a push button or thumbturn to lock the door. However, in the case of emergency, this function requires the teacher to open the door and insert a key into the outside lever to lock it. The classroom security function allows the teacher to lock the outside lever with a key from inside the classroom—without opening the door. Some schools prefer office or storeroom functions. It’s important to remember it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Select a solution that’s able to quickly lock the door yet allow for free egress when needed.

Allegion makes it easy to upgrade classroom security. Conversion kits for Schlage® L Series mortise locks and Schlage ND Series cylindrical locks are low-cost options for schools looking to upgrade classroom door functionality and security. Most Schlage locks used in classroom environments already have the necessary flexibility built into the lock, so changing the functionality of the room doesn’t require replacing the entire lock.

As part of the conversion kit for the Schlage L Series, there’s an option to have a security indicator. In an emergency, individuals can easily verify the status of the opening. The indicator has a 2- 1⁄2” display window with 180-degree visibility that clearly shows if the door is locked or unlocked. The trim mounts to the inside surface of the door and works seamlessly with the lock, providing convenient and familiar ease of use in day-to-day or lockdown situations.

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