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March 4, 2019

Twenty Years Ago

Keyless entry locks were the primary topic. Jerry Levine explained how to install and program a Unican 4000 lever lock. Locksmith Wade Landrum reviewed the Solitaire 1000 by Ilco Unican. Jerry Levine discussed the Gardloc 300 series locks for thin stiles on aluminum doors. Tim O'Leary revealed the sales of locks into the 2000s. Tom Gillespie reported on the Safety Kit security for home owners. Mike O'Leary provided installation details for a PowerLever lockset. Wade Landrum reviewed various locks made for the vending market. L.A.I. Group is a company in California which can key alike new locks into existing systems such as Abloy, Gem, KD and Baton. Tom Gillespie recorded the trials and tribulations of refurbishing century-old hardware for many more future generations to use. James Glazier examined the role electronic safe locks play in an overall access control system. Wade Landrum again came to the rescue with an article on a new product to protect vehicles against dead batteries. Jerry Levine provided some thoughts on impressioning wafer locks. Milt Wolferseder serviced a Mosler Round Lug Door chest.

Ten Years Ago

Tim O'Leary interviewed some industry insiders for their predictions of future access control trends. Jerry Levine provided a primer on wire basics. Jerry Levine also showed the techniques or installing an Alarm Lock DL5300 Dual-sided Trilogy on an outside gate. Tim O'Leary reviewed the newest products for access control. Chris Clark, Ingersoll Rand, outlined the value of biometric security systems. Georgia State University explained how to be prepared before the fire door inspector (LAHJ) arrives. Part II of a comprehensive listing of construction equipment keys was printed. Jerry Levine showed how to use the MVP Pro to program keys for a Ford F150 truck. Locksmith Tony Fiorini described his saga during moving a heavy safe. Hint, to begin with, it fell off of the truck tailgate. Jerry Levine outlined factors to consider when purchasing a scope. Steve Kaufman interviewed an under-30 locksmith about he was attracted to the locksmith industry.

What Is It?

A Locksmith Ledger subscriber sent in a part he removed from a Schlage mortise cylinder. The mortise lock is used in a commercial office bathroom door. The enlarged portion of the ring fits into a groove machined into the cylinder housing. The ring prevents the plug from turning more than 180 degrees. If the ring is reversed in the cylinder, the plug can then be turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction. If someone locks themselves in the bathroom, the 180 degree restriction prevents the key from rotating far enough to unlock the door. Consequently, if someone is locked in the bathroom and requires assistance, there is no way to release the door lock to gain entrance. What is the purpose of this ring? What Schlage lock function is this?

My office desk is filled with a variety of products for review. If you know the answer please send your information to [email protected]. The earliest E-mail with the correct answer will receive one of the products from my desk. This is simply a fun question. Do not expect the chosen product to have a significant value.