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Feb. 4, 2019

20 Years Ago

Jerry Levine installed a Schlage e.Primus lever lock while Tom Gillespie showed installation procedures for an Innerkey lock by Intellock. Wade Landrum discussed the variety of mechanical push button locks by Ilco Unican. Tom Gillespie also described the procedure for installing a Kwikset Plus lever lock. Tom Thill explained his methods for servicing locks on a Nissan Maxima. Wade Landrum reported on the management changes at American Security Distribution. Pat Olmstead, Von Duprin, showed photos of how to install an electric latch retraction conversion kit in a Von Duprin exit device. One whole page was devoted to a list of 1999 vehicles using transponder system. Today one paragraph could be used to show how few vehicles do not use transponder security systems. Jerry Levine explained the new PK3 pass-key III system for GM vehicles. Donald LaGasse advocated the sharing of information with fellow locksmiths for the good of all. Keith Knott showed the steps necessary in drilling open a Mosler vault. James Glazier suggested joining the International Association of Investigative Locksmith (IAIL) as a new profit center.

10 Years Ago

Tom Gillespie provided an overview of hardware for hospitals. Jerry Levine interviewed an institutional locksmith who works full time at a hospital. Timothy O’Leary suggested sales and servicing of intercoms as a new vertical market for locksmiths. Timothy O’Leary also reported on the 3101B magnetic lock by Dynalock. Jerry Levine offered beginners a report on exit device fundamentals. Gale Johnson reported on a unique new heavy duty strike plate called Lagstrike from the 2009 ISC convention. Where are they now? Dortronics wrote a case study concerning an installation at a hospital. Gale Johnson described the value of a locksmith education from North Bennet School in Boston. Jim Burke, Safeglow Products, advocated photoluminescent signage. Steve Young described essential tools required for automotive locksmith work.

Sentry SD-1 Lock Questions

Sentry Safe offers a cash box which uses a short cam lock and a very small key blank. The code series is believed to be TS0-TS9. A search through domestic aftermarket key catalogs did not produce any substitute key blanks which could be used without extreme modifications. Blue Dog Keys does carry a blank for these locks. Their key blank number is BD945.

We obtained an SD-1 cash box in order to measure depth and spaces. The test lock and keys were stamped TS7 with cuts of 31233.

Cutting dimensions are: Spacing- 138-217-295-374-453.

Depths: 1) 236 2)213 3) 189.

Locksmith Ledger is in the process of collecting the remaining key cuts in this series. Any assistance would be appreciated.