Best of 2018

Dec. 3, 2018

At the end of every year, Locksmith Ledger takes a look back at some of the best new trends and technologies introduced in that year.

In the Electronic Access Control sector, a clear trend is the use of cellphones as credentials, across both the commercial and residential sectors. Commercial customers are embracing wireless systems because they can be easily installed, upgraded and maintained. An example is the AirAllow access control system, named best new product of the year at ALOA 2018. (See page 14) Additional examples are the growing number of products from ASSA ABLOY with Aperio technology. Doors, cabinets and even safelocks can be opened via cellphone (see AxisBlu sidebar on page 16).

Meanwhile, homeowners also want the option of keyless entry, and a steady stream of products are being introduced that allow homeowners to lock, unlock and remotely monitor their doors via cellphone, many of which can be tied into extensive home automation systems.

For automotive locksmiths, it is a constant battle to stay one step ahead of the automakers’ security systems. Cloning devices including the Xhourse VVDI, Keyline USA 884 Decrytor Ultegra, Key DIY KD-X@ tool and Ilco RW4 with Snoop keep them in the game (See page 20).

The most recent attempt by the vehicle manufactur­ers to force the consumer to return to the dealership for keys is the “Proximity Fob.” These systems allow the owner of the car to enter the vehicle, start the vehicle, shut down the vehicle, exit and lock the vehicle, all without having to remove the “Prox Fob” from their pocket or purse. Already, some cloners offer the abil­ity to clone some prox fobs and more are on the way.

Key machines also represent a large investment and today’s automated code machines allow locksmiths to cut more types of keys with a single key machine. The next logical step is for automated code machines to be able to engrave, with optional engraving jaws. Products with this capability include the Kaba Ilco Futura / Futura Prto, the Keyline Ninja Vortex, the Hudson/HPC TigerSHARK2 and Maser Key machines. (See page 26)

Stay tuned! Locksmith Ledger’s coverage of these new trends and technologies will continue in 2019 with in-depth articles as new products come to the market.