Spams and Scams

Oct. 17, 2018

There is no question that the Internet has been a real boon for mankind. It has also spawned an unsavory bunch of characters who are bent on causing internet havoc. Locksmith Ledger found this out the hard way when our forum website was suddenly flooded with offers of sports jerseys, jewelry and suspected scammers.

Our forum topics include Automotive, Safes, Electronic Access Control and General Locksmithing. In a short period of time recently there were so many of these 'advertisement' listings flooding our forum site that finding real locksmith questions became a problem. After learning of the issue we spent several days purging the forum membership rolls and removing unwanted topics.  

Our forum site is a free service but it is a shame when that service is abused. We are in the process of installing further safeguards so only real questions of interest to locksmiths are printed.

Today I received an E-mail from a subscriber who would like to see more articles on traditional locksmith topics. As a result I will be inserting questions into the General Locksmith forum topic asking for your opinions. The Locksmith Ledger forums are written by locksmiths for locksmiths. Join the fun whenever you have a question or comment.