Back Page, September 2018

Sept. 4, 2018

Twenty Years Ago

T3 locks by Alarm Lock were the subject of an article. Joey Dalessio wrote an article about Siteline by Medeco, which was the People's Choice at the 1998 ALOA convention. Rachael Talor, Ilco Unican, described their System 800 access control system. Jerry Levine showed the procedure for installing an Aiphone MKS-1E Door Sentry. Writer James Glazier offered information for planning and designing an access control system. Locksmith Tom Thill described the unusual features of a1998 Buick Park Avenue locking system. Locksmith Charles Pierce helped locksmiths towards overcoming their fears of installing CCTV systems. Brian Barbes, Pro-Lok, demonstrated the procedure for unlocking a Lexus GS. Hubert Curry suggested Hitachi battery-operated drills as a great addition to every locksmith toolbox. Jerry Levine described lock cylinder design changes as Saturn begins using Huf locks instead of those from All-Lock. Locksmith John Grist wrote a diary of his interesting personal events during the 1998 ALOA convention. Wynn Kessler offered suggestions on developing a business plan. Locksmith Bruce Burby wrote about his invention of a safety switch add-on for HPC 1200 code machines. Milt Wolferseder serviced an A&B depository safe complete with pictures.

Ten Years Ago

Tim O'Leary explained how to integrate different customer requirements into an access control system. Gale Johnson introduced a new electronic deadbolt by Sunnect. Where are they now? Tim O'Leary showed how to add time and attendance records into an access control system. Tom Gillespie described the potential in sales of padlocks. Gale Johnson wrote an article on Lazertech products. Lazertech is a high security system using bi-directional dimple keys. Jerry Levine offered the first part in a series on retrofitting an electronic safe lock in place of an existing manual safe lock. Writer Rod Oden suggested that locksmiths should offer people counting systems as a new vertical profit center. Read page 40 in the September, 2008 Locksmith Ledger to learn more. Jerry Levine described how to service Yale large format (LFIC) interchangeable core cylinders. Jerry Levine also explained servicing procedures for patio door profile cylinders. An interesting paragraph on the back page shows some long-gone automotive keys along with explanations of their origins.

Tuff Shed TS Series Key Fitting

Utility locks of all sorts are appearing which have unusual key blade shapes and are not available from aftermarket sources. One example is an L handle used on Tuff Shed products. The known code series is TS01-TS10. Tuff Shed will only furnish a new key or lock when shed owners provide the serial number for their individual shed.

We have discovered that an Ilco 1649 key blank will enter the lock. Use spacing of 228 - 319 - 409- 500 & depths of 1)264, 2)240, 3)217 when originating a key.

Gauge from the shoulder. No shortening of the blank is required. The key blank will tip-stop in the lock cylinder. If duplicating from an original Tuff Shed key, the Ilco 1649 blank must be shortened to .515 from shoulder to tip. Contact Ledger if a specific TS key code is required.