Corporate Profile: Hayman Safe

July 2, 2018

For more than 45 years HAYMAN Safe Co has been building quality safes and protecting what really matters to consumers.

Earl Banks, a Locksmith in Miami, and Bill Hayman, a program engineer for Eastern Airlines, started the business in 1971 in Miami, FL. Known then as Banks Mfg Co, the only safe they built was a rotary hopper truck safe for the beverage industry. Later, during the early 70’s Bill Hayman moved the company to the Orlando area and the engineering savvy of Bill really took over.

HAYMAN Safe Co began building safes for the Locksmith Industry. The full product offering of HAYMAN Safe Co included in-floor safes, depository safes, money chest and custom safes. Answering the special needs of that era for protection of cash and valuables HAYMAN Safe Co made its mark in the safe industry.

Gary Hayman took over the company from his Dad in the mid 90’s and Hayman Safe Co added many products to their offerings. Branching out worldwide, HAYMAN Safe Co now offers designs from foreign manufacturers as well as proprietary designs from the expertise of our ever growing design department.

Our Central Florida facility is made up of our manufacturing plant where the world’s best in-floor safes and custom safes are made as well as our main distribution warehouse.

In 2017 we opened a South Central US Distribution facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the goal to serve this region with our full line of products and industry renown fast service.

HAYMAN Safe Co sells through a network of Authorized Dealers made up of Locksmiths and Safe retailers. The local Locksmith can rely on the knowledgeable staff at HAYMAN Safe Co, some of who has owned their own successful locksmith shop and knows what it takes to sell a reliable product at a great profit.

Fast delivery, great customer service and a competitive product that your customer can rely on is what makes HAYMAN the Premier Safe Manufacturer in our industry.