Corporate Profile: ACS -- Clevertech Group

July 2, 2018

The Clevertech Group designs and produces advanced systems about packaging in the food, beverages and consumer sectors, whereas its ACS division (Automation & Control Systems) specializes in the keys and lock machines and systems.

Founded in Italy in 1987, ACS touched last year the 30th anniversary milestone, confirming its excellence in providing machinery and equipment to the leading locks & security systems manufacturers, both in the residential, commercial, security and automotive industries.

Higher productivity and quality standards are possible with ACS solutions, reducing industrial direct costs as well.

All ACS products are designed, manufactured and tested in the Italian headquarters, assuring a full project management.

ACS operates with a global approach, working together with the clients and supporting them, finding the best solutions to improve their goals.

The local branch ACS North America supports the USA, Canada and Mexico markets by mean the branch offices in Bonita Springs, FL and in Montreal, Canada.

For further information, contact Paolo Benzi at [email protected] or +1(514)581-7760, and welcome to our Booth #212 at ALOA 2018!