Internal vs. External

May 2, 2018
What is the real monetary value of a CML title once achieved?

A suburban Chicago newspaper published an article recently concerning an expenditure by the local school district. This school district has decided to spend $10,000 and hire a consulting firm which reportedly has expertise and experience in the areas of school safety and security. According to this article, the person from the consulting firm who will conduct the $10,000 inspection is a board-certified physical security professional and uses the title of PSP after his name.

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) is the organization which offers this board certification and the PSP title. According to their website, "ASIS is a professional organization for security professionals. It issues various certifications, standards and guidelines for the security professional."

Associated Locksmith of America (ALOA) has a somewhat similar purpose. According to part of the ALOA mission statement, "The mission of ALOA, as dedicated members of the locksmith/security industry, is to ensure professional excellence and ethics; create public demand for locksmith services, represent and speak for the locksmith industry and expand the exchange of trade information...."

I agree that Locksmiths who pass the ALOA PRP should have pride in their accomplishments. Time, effort and study are required as locksmiths work toward the ultimate CML goal.

But what is the real value of a CML title once achieved? A "Why Be Certified" questionnaire on the ALOA website has a sentence which mentions, "Giving you personal satisfaction that you are a proven master of your profession."

There is quite a difference between externally "creating public demand for locksmith services" and internally "giving you personal satisfaction." According to the suburban school district article, the present difference is worth $10,000.