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May 1, 2018

Twenty Years Ago

Intellikey electronic lock systems was the subject of an article. Jerry Levine reported on available manufacturers of gun safes. Gale Johnson installed a Mas-Hamilton X-07 safe lock. A comprehensive listing of safe lock manufacturers was included in the May, 1998 Locksmith Ledger issue. Jerry Levine introduced a new tumbler design for GM locksets. New Adams Rite 7200 electric strikes models were discussed. Car opening instructions for Nissan Infiniti models was shown. Gale Johnson visited the McGunn Safe factory in Chicago and reported on McGunn cash dispensing safes. Hugh Curry showed installation techniques for installing an Ilco electronic safelock on a Gardall safe cabinet. Tom Thill explained lock servicing procedures for the Ford Explorer. 1998 ALOA President Dallas Brooks noted the positive changes taking place in the ALOA locksmith association. Automotive lock expert Tom Thill tested the GenStar programming tool for Ford vehicles. Brian Barnes, Pro-Lok, offered procedures for unlocking a Corvette C. Wynn Kessler made some sense out of the government taxing structure for small businesses. Locksmith Ed Hite offered practical ways to pre-plan electronic lock installations. Milt Wolferseder described his method for deciding the best way to open a locked safe cabinet.  

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine reported on models, finishes and designs available in Schlage "L" series mortise locksets. Gale Johnson reviewed the "C" and "E" series series locksets by Arrow Lock. Tom Gillespie wrote an article on Pro-Lok installation jigs which are available for every possible lock hardware installation. Rod Oden revealed his methods for managing master key systems in high-rise buildings. Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association (GPLA) members showed details of a Securitech Trident lock installation on their office door after thieves damaged the original lockset. Tim O'Leary suggested ways to upgrade security with an outdoor security gate. Locksmith John Brueggeman explained how the new National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) will benefit locksmiths. Gale Johnson tested two new key machines from ESP. Models included a laser key duplicator and an automatic key duplicator. Locksmith Tony Fiorini suggested the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has provided locksmiths with a chance to sell more safes. Steve Young chose a Buick Lucerne to discuss vehicle lock servicing. Steve Kaufman interviewed Demetrius Heggs, a young locksmith who found both profit and challenge by becoming a locksmith.

Digital Counting Is Not New

One of the advantages of electronic lock products is the availability of audit reports. Who operated a lock, when it was used and how often it was used are easily determined by electronic means.

Antique National cash registers were invented long before the digital age but still tried to provide an audit trail for owners. A counting system was connected to the cam lock and each time the lock was used, a system of wheels recorded the event.