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April 2, 2018

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine demonstrated how to retrofit a mechanical safe lock with an electronic lock. Gale Johnson reviewed safe deposit lock types available from Bullseye S.D. Locks. Videx Inc. explained how their CyberLock electronic locks solved security problems at the University of the Pacific. Arnie Goldman, President of IDN-Hardware Sales, Inc., offered ways that locksmith distributors can assist locksmiths. Distributor profiles included Akron Hardware, Boyle & Chase, Intermountain Lock and Turn 10 Wholesale. Steve Young interviewed Mark Miller of Lockmasters, Inc. Jerry Levine showed the steps required to install an electrified lockset in place of a mechanical lock. Steps included the installation of a concealed door loop and drilling of a raceway to extend electricity from the hinge side to the lock side of the door. Ilco introduced Bump Halt, their bump=resistant technology for deterring key bumping. Writer Tim O'Leary reported on the new breed of DVRs which can be used for digital video surveillance. A Ledger article reported on profiting from sales and servicing low-energy door operators.

Twenty Years Ago

Know Your Distributor issue contained articles on American Security Distribution, Wilco Supply, Access Hardware Supply, Clark Security and Anderson Lock. Master Lock outlined their long history of padlock manufacturing from their beginning in 1921 to the present day. American Padlock Company described how their company was founded by John Junkunc who first made combination padlocks before offering the key-operated padlock line we recognize today. Writer Tom Gillespie demonstrated Pro-Lok drill jigs designed for drilling open several different types of padlocks. Dave Davis related his experiences with opening a locked walk-in vault door. Writer Richard Formica showed how to fit keys and service locks on a Ford Windstar. Gerry Finch explained simple locking features of various Chinese hand-crafted padlocks. Progression charts were printed for fitting keys to Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique vehicles which use less key codes than other Ford 10-cut models. A list of vehicles which have transponders in the keyhead was published. There were only 16 models listed 20 years ago. Milt Wolferseder reported on servicing mixed media safes.

Friant Furniture Locks

Friant furniture locks use a W001-W300 code series. Locks are imported from the Orient but key blanks are available. Use either Ilco 1674 or JMA MER-20D key blanks. Locksmith Ledger is in the process of collecting Friant code series cuts but our series is incomplete at this time.

Lock plugs contain six wafer tumblers and a seventh retainer tumbler. The plug can be removed for key fitting but must be in the unlocked position. Fully Insert a pick into the lock plug and lift the seventh tumbler to remove the plug.

Spacing is: 102 / 193 / 283 / 374 /465 / 555. Depths are: 1)260 2)240 3)220. Friant W series locks are masterkeyed but a suitable key blank is not available.