Worldly Facts

Oct. 17, 2017

Writing is apparently a family trait since my niece is also a writer for a local newspaper. Her specialty is writing columns about people in her generation Y age group. According to one source, Gen Y people were born between approximately 1977 and 1994. This generation was the first to be born during an emerging era of digital communications including cell phones and the internet.

Listings of other generation groups are defined by history such as a Depression group, WWII group, Post War group, a Boomers group and finally a Gen X group which was designated for people born during 1966 to 1976. A common theme for all of these groups is that current events at the time such as terrible assassinations during the '60s, war protests or the AIDS epidemic only affected their lives in the short term. Long term, life affecting changes such as the development of computers and the internet were yet to appear.

Two hundred years ago only 1 billion people inhabited the Earth. During the last 200 years world population has increased to 7 billion. Estimates vary, but some experts believe that by the year 2100 the Earth will be home to approximately 11 billion people. This translates to adding 75 million people to the world during each coming year during this century.

Generation Y is the group to watch. These people are now approximately 20 to 30 years of age and moving into that time in life when they have money to spend. Gen X people grew up in the digital age and have a built-in desire for new or improved electronic devices as they become available.

As millions more people take their place on Earth each year, protection of goods and property will be an ever-increasing issue. Increased population (customers) and increased need for protection is the best possible news for our security industry.