State Of The Industry

Aug. 15, 2017

Twenty five years ago Locksmith Ledger contacted three important members of the security community ‑ Aaron Fish, Rex Parmelee and Sean Deforrest ‑ and asked for their opinions on the state of the security industry. Aaron Fish mentioned that new technologies will require higher levels of skill to service and install. Rex Parmelee mentioned that the security industry is moving at such a pace that it will be hard to keep up unless you are ready. Sean Deforrest recommended that locksmiths consider changing their name from locksmith to security contractor. It is now a quarter of a century later but the messages written so long ago seem as accurate today as the day they were written.

Sean Deforrest mentioned drug problems and the related crime, poverty and social displacement it causes. He also stated that there is a public realization that government cannot solve all of our social and economic needs. Mr. Deforrest outlined these and similar reasons for the increased need for security.

Rex Parmelee was an international educator and trainer for many years. His philosophy was well stated in his article. Mr. Parmelee wrote, "without a good education you are doomed to failure." He further stated, "don't let technology scare you."

Locksmith Ledger has been honored several times to have published articles written by Aaron Fish concerning the state of our industry. Mr. Fish once wrote that locksmiths are at a crossroads with two available future business paths. Locksmiths can basically either learn about new technologies and compete in the changing security landscape or become sub-contractors and use their existing expertise to service and install mechanical security components for integrators.

Every business depends on supply and demand. If supply and demand both move upwards, success is at hand. If demand decreases, a business must either raise prices or find some new product or service for which there is a higher demand. If you follow the voices from the past you cannot go wrong.