Back Page, August 2017

Aug. 2, 2017

Twenty Years Ago

Residential locks were featured in the August 1997 issue. Hubert Curry described the Kwikset 400 Series Handleset. Louis George provided an overview of decorative residential hardware. Jerry Levine visited Major Manufacturing to report on their HIT-44 installation jigs. Jerry Levine also reported on the Weiser Prestige lock series. Tom Gillespie cautioned readers about unlocking vehicles which contain airbags. David Halls, Rutherford Controls, introduced a new computer software program used for choosing the correct electric strike for the job. Statistics show that auto theft decreased 25 percent between 1987 and 1997 which is attributable to vehicle anti-theft systems. Tim O'Leary introduced readers to self-contained access control systems. A Ledger article showed how to service the lock system on a Dodge Stratus. John Grist, locksmith in Georgia, took time off to visit the SAVTA convention in Louisville, KY and really enjoyed the Southern hospitality. Hubert Curry tested the new, patented Gun Lock by Pro-Lok. Judd Penske, Fireking International, provided servicing tips for Fireking insulated file cabinets. Safe editor Milt Wolferseder detailed servicing secrets for Gardall front-load depository safes.

Ten Years Ago

Tom Gillespie questioned David Hasty, the locksmith foreman at the University of Illinois, while Steve Kaufman visited locksmith Karl Kretsch at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. Both articles reviewed the duties of an institutional locksmith. Rod Oden explained how to apply multiplex key systems in a large building complex. Jerry Levine provided a technical article on the basics of pinning interchangeable core locks. Black & Decker introduced their new line of K2 commercial hardware. Gale Johnson reviewed the Kaba Ilco line of convertible housings for interchangeable core cylinders. Jerry Levine installed a D&D LokkLatch Deluxe gate lock which also had an external access kit. California locksmith John Brueggeman described his involvement during the development of NASTF, National Automotive Service Task Force. Jerry Levine outlined another program for locksmiths called the Perfect Raceway Program. This program certifies installers who can then drill raceways for wiring while still maintaining existing door fire ratings. Brad Smith, Arrow Lock, wrote of marketing strategies which can be used competing with big box stores. Tim O'Leary explained how to use and install request to exit (REX) products. Tony Fiorini continued part II of his digital photography series.

Givi Luggage Locks

Givi luggage is an accessory item which can be added to many different motorcycle models. Although lock plug faces look similar, Givi has used at least four different key blanks over the years.  Original Givi Key blanks can be recognized by a red offset-head keybow.  Codes are stamped on the plug face. Series include: A 5 wafer 001-200 series by L&F which uses an LF12-SI key blank. Use the L&F 89001-89200 and drop the '89' for key cuts.  A 001-210 series by Zadi uses a BU8 key blank.

Newer Givi luggage is using a 7 wafer lock with codes of 201-500 and a EU5R key blank.  Use the L&F 25001-27000 series and drop the '25' when sourcing a key code. Old Givi luggage used a 2+++, 4-digi key code. No code information is available for this series but an Ilco X167 key blank will enter the keyway.