Corporate Profile: A1 Manufacturing

July 3, 2017

A-1 Security Manufacturing’s origin began 40 years ago in San Diego, Calif. With the innovative spirit of a locksmith and a machinist, the A1 Tool line began to evolve. In the early 1980s our facility was relocated to Richmond, Va., where A1 tools become more advanced in design and specialized tools have been developed. However several of the original tools remain as part of our product line.

Most recently we have consolidated A1 tools with our LockCraft key and lock manufacturing at our 85,000-square-foot TS16949 certified facility where our focus remains the same: to produce quality tools that would be useful in the daily tasks carried out by locksmiths and to always be aware of the changes in the security market. Today A-1 strives to maintain the inventive spirit and we take great pride in providing our customers the quality and service they deserve.

While many locksmiths are able to perform the various tasks that are required in today’s world, an increasing number of security professionals have chosen to specialize in specific fields. Areas of specialty include Automotive, Institutional, Forensic, and Commercial, and A-1 Security manufactures tools for all of them. In addition to generic pick sets for picking pin tumbler locks, we also produce specialty picks for tubular type vending machine locks which allow for decoding of the lock. Then with our HG1 Tubular key cutting machine, a key can be produced without the use of electricity. Automotive picks and removal sets for GM, Ford and Chrysler late model ignitions are especially popular among automotive locksmiths as they save valuable time by performing operations that the car manufacturers said couldn’t be done. Interchangeable core is prolific in educational and commercial buildings, for which A1 offers a complete line of service products, several of which have been patented. Key Cutting equipment is a major segment of our business; from the very versatile hand held PAK-A-PUNCH to the high volume table top Green Machine for punching I-Core keys by the thousands.

A1 Security Manufacturing is a market driven company that listens to the needs of its customers. We maintain close relations with not only our distributors but also the locksmiths who use our products everyday. We are dedicated to participating in trade shows, conducting classes, locksmith associations and our trade publications where we gain valuable knowledge of our industries needs. Our commitment to the future is to always keep the customers needs in sight while providing innovative, quality product that is worth owning. Locksmith Quote: “If A1 makes it, I will buy it!”