Notes from the Editor: Each Year Begins at SHDA

June 1, 2017

Rigorous thought and planning goes into every product sold by locksmith distributors. No distributor wants customers to return products due to failures in quality or design. As a means to that end, popular locksmith distributors from across North American formed an association over sixty years ago in order to work more closely together for the betterment of all.

Known since 1997 as the Security Hardware Distributors Association (SHDA), this group of distributors meets annually at various locations atround the country. Three busy days of meetings are scheduled between manufacturers and distributors and usually is scheduled approximately May 1st . Manufacturers show their newest line of products during individual meetings with distributors. If all goes well, distributors place orders with manufacturers and the prtoducts shown at SHDA will appear on distributors shelves a few months in the future.

During the last 25 years SHDA has graciously allowed Locksmith Ledger to attend SHDA conventions and also meet with manufacturers. This is a golden opportunity for us to see new products before they are publically introduced, ask questions directly to factory representatives and then be able to report our findings to Locksmith Ledger readers.

Electronics led the way with new introductions in both software and hardware. Locksmith Ledger staff visited with electronic product manufacturers such as Westinghouse, Dynalock, HES, Hager, Allegion, AssaAbloy, Entramatic, Codelocks, ACSI, CompX, Lockey and Dormakaba group. A wide variety of either new or improved products were introduced at each visit. Watch for new maglocks, electric strikes, electronic cabinet locks plus products for electrifying existing hardware.

Apps for programming or controlling electronic hardware were also featured. Some of the apps shown at SHDA were free of charge. With minimal training locksmiths can easily set up complex user time and usage programming which is not possible with mechanical locking systems.

Mechanical lock products have not been overlooked for the coming year. Manufacturers such as Jet Hardware, Kaba-Ilco, JMA, Keyline, GMS, HPC, Abus, Strattec and CCL all featured new key blanks, locks, key machines and accessories. Key blanks still play an important profit role for locksmiths. Key blank manufacturers are producing a steady supply of new key blanks and new key machines. Other companies at SHDA displayed new interchangeable core products, decorative key blanks, automotive reomotes and new types of padlocks. LAB is now offering replacement pin kits for some foreign locks and reports making tens of millions of pins each month.

Watch for articles starting with the July issue of Locksmith Ledger which will feature our findings from SHDA. A full stock of these new products will be waiting for you at your local SHDA distributor.