Ziptide, May 2017

May 1, 2017

Changing of the Guard

Dear Gale,

I enjoyed reading your editorial in the February 2017 issue, titled Changing of the Guard (Read online at

 “Over the last few decades there have been many well-known acquisitions in the security industry.  Aaron Fish wrote a book about his many acquisitions during the Unican years. Among others, he acquired Dominion, Ilco, Orion, Silca, Star and Taylor.  Each of these companies was recognized as a manufacturer of key blanks.  Technology and knowledge from each of these companies could be shared and put to use in making a better and more wide ranging line of key blanks.”

You mention most, but not all, of the key makers that we acquired.   We also acquired the manufacturing facilities of Curtis, Cole and MRM who was an OEM supplier.

On September 16 we hope to hold an opening of the lock museum which I am building in Montreal.

Save the date, we would love to have you. If you can’t make that date, then we’ll do a special for you.

Hope to see you at ALOA.

Aaron Fish

Coming Attractions

Just a quick heads-up to our readers that our Automotive 2017 Special Supplement is included with this issue. Steve Young will look at new auto models for 2017 and address the servicing and programming options. Other automotive topics will include a STRATTEC update, the new Advanced Diagnostics "Aerial" tool to simplify transponder key programming and a product showcase, featuring the latest automotive key machines, keys and tools.

Download and read our Automotive 2016 Special Supplement here: Topics included Servicing the Jeep Renegade, Outfitting A Service Van and New Tools and Equipment from Keyline USA.

Later this spring, we will present two additional Special Supplements, the Spring 2017 Big Book and 2017 Access Control Trends in Technologies, both in partnership with our sister security publications, Security Technology Executive and Security Dealer & Integrator.

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