Back Page, March 2017

March 1, 2017

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine showed how to install an electronic access control system from start to finish. Alarm Lock presented programming methods for their T2 lockset. Aaron Fish announced the merger of Unican Security Systems and Silca Italy, January 16, 1997. Tom Gillespie, Pro-Lok, explained how to unlock a GM EV1 electric car. Unfortunately all EV1 models were later scrapped by GM. Paul Rosenberger forecasted future advances in electronic access control. Louis George described how his company installed a CCTV system which monitored a parking lot. Jerry Levine reported on wall mount, single-door access control systems by OSI. Dick Zunkel provided a holistic approach to electrified system design. Jerry Levine warned readers that side impact airbags may lurk in the door area where vehicle opening tools must be inserted. A Locksmith Ledger article described uses for latch monitors. Locksmith Dave Davis showwed how he opened an Amsec TL-15 safe. Tom Walls, American Device, suggested mailboxes as a profit center for repair and replacements. Milt Wolferseder showed the inner mechanisms in a Hall-Marvin safe cabinet. Brian Lamb, Lockmasters, offered advice on determining the different types of safe deposit locks. Locksmith John Grist suggested bank work as a good profit center. Locksmith Ken Holmlund answered the question of how big should your area of service should be.

Ten Years Ago

The Codelocks CL5000 series electronic locks was the subject of an article by Jerry Levine. Tom Gillespie visited several locksmith shops which specialized in selling decorative hardware. Jerry Levine assisted in the installation of a Von Duprin XP98 rim exit device. Gale Johnson explained tips and tricks for adjusting key machines. Locksmith Rod Oden outlined new opportunities in selling security. Gale Johnson described how one locksmith shop made special key blanks for an antique mortise lock cylinder. Jerry Levine studied the new codeable lock technology from Strattec. Tim O'Leary reported on the KC5000 King Cobra lock from Ingersoll Rand. Tim O'Leary also recommended ways to upgrade and enhance alarm systems. Phil Pitt, Sargent & Greenleaf, provided a brief history of the Sargent & Greenleaf company which had just celebrated its 150th anniversary. Adam Weinraub, Pro-Lok, showed vehicle opening procedures for a 2006 Buick Lucerne.

Interesting Oldie

Haley's Lock in Indiana recently sent in pictures of an old lock. A customer had requested a key to be made and Locksmith Ledger was asked for any possible advice.  A label attached to the lock states "Security Auto Theft Signal System."

A 1914 patent dates this lock in the days before many roads were paved. Most early cars used an on/off ignition switch and cars could be easily stolen.  This auto theft lock was designed to fit around both the wooden spoke wheels and the thin tires of the day.  If the vehicle was stolen, the pointed lock would make deep marks on the dirt roads and the owner could follow the marked tracks to retrieve their car.  There certainly have been a lot of security changes in the last 100 years.

A 'Corbin' logo was stamped on the face of the lock but no key code number was found.  Locksmith Ledger furnished Corbin key blank and depth/space information and by now the lock should be back in service.