Back Page, January 2017

Jan. 2, 2017

Twenty Years Ago

Medeco began an experiment to bypass distribution and sell their products directly. Joey Dalessio explained the new sales initiative.  Jerry Levine installed a model 8820 sliding door bar by M.A.G. Engineering. Gale Johnson reported on the Fortronics series of safe locks.  Jeff Ferrwik, LCN, presented their line of commercial door closers.  Louis George covered the strength and weaknesses of various lock strikes.  Gale Johnson tested the Kensington Universal Notebook Security Cable.  Locksmith Dave Heney explained his emergency assignment of fitting keys to six Ford trucks for a car dealer.  Tom Gillespie, Pro-Lok, showed methods for opening a locked Mitsubishi Diamante.  Gale Johnson suggested the RX dealer only program from U.S.Lock.  A report in Locksmith Ledger described the problems which Canadian locksmiths were having in 1997 with locksmith licensing. How is it going today? An article reported on the fun times at 1996 Reno LedgerWorld.  Ed Hite outlined a method for surveying a facility before installing electronic lock hardware.  Milt Wolferseder explained the auctioning of a locksmith business.  Stephen Sharpe explained the value of locksmith newsletters.

Ten Years Ago

Rod Oden explained the differences and similarities of several high security lock products. Still interesting reading today.  Gale Johnson visited the Marks USA facility to learn firsthand about the Marks Hi Security key and lock system.  Warren Schimizzi, Medeco, offered products to suggest when customers are concerned about key bumping. Gale Johnson introduced the GL100 deadbolt by Mul-T-Lock, a solution for securing Herculite doors. Rick Rasmussen explained the new WAMS wireless access management system by OSI.  Where is he now?  Tom Gillespie showed how to use Blue Wave products by Clark Security. Jerry Levine visited the Jackson Corporation in Los Angeles to learn about Jackson overhead door closers.  Jerry Levine installed a Major Manufacturing Octopod auxiliary deadbolt for patio doors.  Tim O’Leary explained how to determine power requirements when installing an access control system.  Nick Gartner introduced Ledger readers to his new mechanical safe lock design.   Tim O’Leary explained the Basics of Delayed Egress.  What is a CANdi tool? Jerry Levine told you all about it.

Coming Soon: KSP Perma Core

Killeen Security Products (KSP) will be introducing a product called Perma Core during the first quarter of 2017.  In an era when electronic access control is changing the manner in which building owners are securing their premises, Perma Core is designed to quickly aid in making the changes.  Where once it was beneficial to have numerous points of access to a facility, it has now become detrimental.  Building owners are seeking ways to decrease points of ingress without preventing points of egress.  Perma Core products are designed to quickly and permanently replace removable core cylinder portions without the need to replace the entire lock housings.   Perma Core products will be available for replacing LFIC cylinders made by Corbin Russwin, Medeco, Sargent, Schlage plus all SFIC cylinders.   

The Perma Core product is a dummy core which replaces a keyed core and no longer allows the cylinder to be operated by a key. The Perma Core family of products can be used in any facility where an IC core cylinder system is currently in use. Once installed, Perma Core products cannot be removed.   The main benefit is in the time savings since there is no need to remove hardware from door, all that is necessary is to remove the operating keyed core and install a Perma Core.  The Perma Core Patent number is 9.057,208 B2.