Back Page, December 2016

Dec. 1, 2016

Twenty Years Ago

Safes and safe locks were the topic of the December, 1996 issue. Jerry Levine took us through the steps in retrofitting an AMSEC electronic safe lock in place of a mechanical one. Locksmith Dave Franchuk recalled a safe combination change he completed at a state penitentiary. Shane Crosby listed the 10 most asked questions at his job as technical support for AMSEC. As a change of pace, Tom Thill demonstrated how to fit keys to a Mercedes 190 E. Hubert Curry introduced readers to the Vindicator MicroLock 10. Safe editor, Milt Wolferseder, explained how to determine which direction the safe lock is facing. Brian Lamb described the procedure for penetrating and repairing a GSA container. Jerry Levine reported on Schlage Contractor Series cylindrical locks often sold through mass merchandisers. Tom Gillespie brought readers another lesson in his series on opening vehicles. This article described how to unlock a Toyota RAV4. Stephen Sharpe showed how to develop a better sales brochure. Locksmith Barry Leas reported on a magazine article cross reference program by Data Logic. Where are they now? Milt Wolferseder offered servicing procedures for a McGunn/LaGard model 3600 safe. Jerry Levine furnished a cross reference for Axxess key blank numbers which is still helpful today.

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine explained how sectional key systems can be used to expand a master key system. Rod Oden described ways to prevent residential burglaries. Jerry Levine examined a Schlage electric keypad lock for residences. A Locksmith Ledger article suggested Turner Deadbolt Locks which can be locked by turning the cylinder collar. Locksmith Richard Formica suggested Blue Dog Keys as a good source for unusual key blanks. Unfortunately the owner of Blue Dog Keys died recently and the company is at least temporarily closed. Framon introduced their JD-12 duplicating machine for detention keys. Tim O’Leary discussed various products for securing preschool facilities. O’Leary also suggested ways to succeed when bidding jobs. Gale Johnson discovered how Master Lock prevents their locks against key bumping. The Institutional Locksmiths visited Assa Abloy in New Haven, CT. for their 2006 convention. Locksmith John Grist reviewed a book called American Genius by David and John Erroll. The book is full of ornate, century-old safe lock pictures. Steve Young revealed his secrets for proper window wedging during auto lockouts. Michael Kincaid introduced the Oracode by Kaba.

The Key to Keys

Randy Neely has spent his lifetime working in the fields of security and property management.  During his career he was often faced with security problems after keys were lost or misplaced.  After studying many of the existing systems available for the distribution and control keys at any facility, Mr. Neely developed a new, patented system called 'Gravity' which is a small device carried by facility workers. If a user forgets their keys for any reason and leaves the area, the small Gravity device will sound a warning signal.

In addition, Mr. Neely has written a book called "The Key to Keys."  This interesting book provides suggestions for developing an access control program, explains how the Gravity warning system operates, and serves as a primer for anyone trying to get their own new idea from invention and into production.