Locksmithing etc. Sept. 2016

Sept. 1, 2016

Safe Sales Tips from CLARK Security

We are sharing some great information from our friends at CLARK Security. We recommend checking out their helpful blogs at www.clarksecurity.com

Here  are seven questions to ask potential safe customers, posted by CLARK sales rep Ron Rivers. “Use these questions to assess a customer’s risks and needs so you can recommend the best safe that fits within budget,” he advises

  1. Place of business or residence? Knowing if the safe is for a business or home will narrow down the size and type of safe to recommend.
  2. What are you storing in the safe? If a potential buyer wants protection against burglary and also wants to keep documents safe from fire, you could recommend a UL Listed Fire Rated Burglary safe. Some firearms safes are also large enough to store additional items.
  3. What size safe do you think you need? Whatever space a potential buyer thinks he or she needs, recommend 50% more. A common complaint from many first-time safe buyers is that the safe ends up being too small.
  4. Where will you store the safe? Be cognizant of where a safe will be stored so you can make a plan on how to deliver and install it.
  5. How far is your home/business from a fire station? Fire-ratings determine how long a safe will keep the interior below 350 degrees. For example, U.L. Label/Class 350°F-one hour: the safe will maintain an A customer living in the middle of town might only need a Class 350°F-one hour rating. But a customer further from town, and further away from a fire station, should consider a higher rating.
  6. What rating is required for the insurance you’re trying to get?
  7. What’s your budget? Lower prices tags for safes at retail stores might be appealing to a potential buyer. To compete with these prices, you have to articulate the value of purchasing a quality safe from a security professional.

US Lock Joins with Home Depot

For over 30 years, U.S. Lock has been a trusted wholesale distributor for locksmiths and security professionals. The company offers a high-quality selection of over 10,000 exclusively-branded products and domestically manufactured goods from today’s leading brands. US Lock also carry a large selection of hardware, doors and office supplies for your convenience.

 Now U.S. Lock is now proudly part of the Home Depot. “We look forward to continuing to grow and serve our customers with the strength of the Home Depot backing us,” the company states.

FlashLock: Keyless Entry in a Flash

CyberLock, Inc. has  released a new product designed to put high security access control in the palm of your hand. FlashLock, uses serial optical communications technology combined with any handheld device with a web browser to give and gain access to any lock retrofitted with the FlashLock system.

FlashLock is highly secure but easy to use. The user can grant one-time access or multi-day access via permissions sent by text or email. Once the person needing entry accesses the link, the hand-held device will flash. This tells them they are allowed to access this FlashLock. They hold the phone to the lock and the lock will flash. Turn the lock and entry is granted. If the homeowner wants to change or remove permissions, there is a user-friendly, web-based interface to make those changes at any time.

No need to worry about lost or stolen keys or poor security due to hidden keys around the home. With FlashLock, your hand-held device is your key.

Tammy Davis, President of CyberLock, had this to say, “The real perk of FlashLock is that it is different than current solutions in the market because there is no Bluetooth pairing or app to download. This not only saves time, but also doesn’t drain your device’s battery. That makes FlashLock much more reliable. We feel the introduction of this product to the residential market will change the way consumers think about home security.”

Best of Baltimore

Congratulations to Easter's Lock & Security, voted the best locksmith in Baltimore in Baltimore Magazine's August 2016 "Best of Baltimore" edition. 

In Baltimore Magazine's own words... "Whether it's a balky 1924 lock or a long-forgotten combination to grandma's safe, we count on this family-owned firm." The firm is highlighted on page 194 of the magazine issue.

From Easter's Lock: Thank you Baltimore Magazine for this continued title. And thank you to our loyal customers who have counted on Easter's for the last six decades!

At Easter’s Lock & Security Systems, we are experts in all facets of locksmith services. We service residential, commercial, automobile, industrial, and government facilities located along the Mid-Atlantic region. We can provide high security restricted key systems, master key systems, repair and installation, keys made, hard to find keys made, door hardware, locks, security equipment, safes opened, and emergency lockouts. No job is too small or too big for our experienced technicians. Give us a call for a free estimate and see why we were voted “Baltimore’s Best Locksmith” year after year.

To learn more about Easter's Lock, visit their website at https://www.easterslock.com/ or check out their videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6joxIInw41I

Newest Kaba-Ilco Catalog

A new, 64-page New Cylinders, Storefront Door Hardware & Exit Devices Catalog is now available for download at http://www.ilco.us/literature-support/downloads/857148/cylinder-downloads.html. This reference is also a great source of exploded views and technical and installation information.

Tech Tip: Detex EAX-3500 Door Alarm

While the EAX-3500 has a selectable bypass time (5, 10, 20 and 40 minutes), most businesses choose to select the shorter times. Five minutes is the most popular bypass time setting.

Managers get distracted by customers, phone calls or employees. The EAX-3500 simply reminds the manager they have to monitor the door while it's open. The timed bypass is the amount of time the manager can be away from the back door, ensuring that the manager does not forget the back door is open, reminding everyone when the back door has been left unattended too long.

If more time is required, a manager can easily add more time, by simply using the authorized key and add more bypass time. If the task is completed quickly and the door is closed, the EAX-3500 will automatically rearm when the door is closed. However, if the back door is left unsupervised too long and the EAX-3500 sounds the 100dB alarm, the door must be closed first, and using the authorized key, the manager must take steps to reset the alarm and secure the door.

For more application questions, call Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, extension 2.