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Aug. 1, 2016

Twenty Years Ago

A locksmith obtained a job to install a Securitron maglock and Locksmith Ledger was there to follow the action. Jerry Levine showed how simple it is to use a HIT-45 installation jig by Major Mfg. Jack Buzard, Adams Rite, explained the steps involved when installing an Adams -Rite electric strike. A Locksmith Ledger article outlined the beginning of the electronic security revolution. Robert Vale began a monthly LL security news program called Simon which included a monthly CD mailed to users. Within months the internet made the mailing of CDs extinct. ISC East was staged in New York and ROFU published a travelogue of places to see in the Big Apple. Morse Watchmans showed the evolution of key management technology from pegboard to microprocessors. Locksmith Johns Grist offered ideas on stabilizing a cylindrical deadbolt in a hollow metal door. Locksmith Bill Newns showed the steps required when installing an Adams Rite MS lever handle. Charles Cole told of the problems Texas locksmiths were having with their new alarm installers license requirements. Jerry Levine described a new, Catera car model by Cadillac which was a rebadged Opel. A dismal failure. Steve Sharpe suggested additional ways to increase sales. Louis George presented an article introduced locksmiths to the vertical market of door closers. Milt Wolferseder serviced a classic Meilink safe cabinet. Dick Zunkel reviewed a lawsuit caused when a woman was injured by the "erratic performance" of a door closer.

Ten Years Ago

Tom Gillespie took a look past our vertical key market and suggested other products to sell to your customers. Jerry Levine visited Securitron Magnalock in Sparks, Nevada and showed the steps required in manufacturing a quality maglock. Gale Johnson introduced readers to the Kenstan Lock Company. Jerry Levine suggested the Sargent 1431 powerglide door closer as a solution for door control problems. Ryan Rouse, Ingersol l Rand, described the durability of LCN door closers. Rixson Door Controls, an Assa Abloy Group Company, provided charts and information on their surface-mounted door closers. Tim O'Leary suggested the correct door situations when mag locks would be the locking hardware of choice. Tim O'Leary also provided information on how to specify the proper electronic access control products. Richard Sedivy, DoorKing, Inc, offered ideas on the installation of DoorKing products on gates. Michael Tierney, Builders Hardware Mfrs. Association (BHMA), explained door lock standards and security tests administered by BHMA. Jerry Levine offered an update on new vehicles for 2006. Tiny showed the process necessary when flashing a Toyota Solara in a lost key situation.                  

Cabinet Lock Solution

A Locksmith Ledger reader had an interesting safe job. The old safe contained several locking drawers. His customer asked for keys to be made for each drawer. The drawers were unlocked, so removal was no problem.

Each lock contained a small 'Y&T' logo and a key code but codes for these antique flat key locks were not available. A substitute key blank was found but after the throat cut was made, the blank would still not begin turning in the lock. That is when the reader contacted us for assistance.

One of the cabinet locks was sent to our office and the mystery was solved. These old Y&T locks operated like present-day safe deposit locks. The key can only be removed when the bolt is extended. Somebody had picked each lock to the unlocked position. When the lock was picked back to the locked position, the key blank could be rotated against the tumblers.

We measured depth and spacing, then sent the locksmith a special card to use on a code machine for originating the keys.