Back Page, July 2016

July 1, 2016

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine introduced the Weiser Powerbolt, the first of many similar versions of electronic deadbolt models. Jerry Levine also reported on the Securitron DK-26 digital keypad. Tom Gillespie showed how to unlock Honda Civics when using Pro-Lok opening tools. Another article showed opening techniques for the short-lived AM General Hummer. Jeff Kates, President of Harloc, Inc., showed ways that Harloc products could prove profitable to locksmiths. Where is Harloc now? Richard Dickey reported on the Mas-Hamilton Audicon safe lock. Charles Cole suggested the Rofu 8031-002 Shear Lock. Milt Wolferseder outlined a plan of attack for side-drilling a safe. Jerry Levine showed the INJIG boring jig system from Pro-Lok. Ozzie Hutson, inventor of the S&G Arm-A-Dor system, described his invention. John Grist tested a group of EEZ Reader tools by H.E. Mitchell and Co. Anita Bishop, Allstate Insurance, provided ideas involving business insurance. Frank Markisello, Aable Locksmiths, introduced his new Ford force tool for Ford 8-cut ignition locks. Louis George suggested a new profit center: installing keyless locksets. Ed Hite reviewed how local licensing regulations are preventing locksmiths from installing electronic security equipment. David Davis showed his procedure for opening a locked MacNeal & Urban safe cabinet. Charles Cole suggested Body Guard products as good impulse sales items. Jerome Andrews showed how Kaba Peaks can solve any building security problem. Gerry Finch provided secrets on how to easily decode an IC core cylinder to obtain the control key cuts. Richard Formica serviced locks on the Chrysler 'air' car series.

Ten Years Ago

Tom Gillespie installed a Codelocks narrow stile mechanical pushbutton lock on an aluminum door. Jerry Levine installed a CompX eLock on a hospital refrigerator door. Gale Johnson suggested Gardall Safes as a profit center. Jerry Levine tested the Engrave-It machine from Ilco. Dale Bowman, Medeco Security Services, introduced the new Medeco Maxum deadbolt. Rod Oden offered opinions on Why Master Key Systems Prematurely Fail. Rick Rasmussen, VP Sales at OSI, demonstrated the OSI Wireless Access Management System. Tom O'Leary installed an SDC Exit Check delayed egress system. Tim O'Leary also reported on the Alarm Lock AL715 delayed egress exit device hardware. Jeff Baker, Strattec Security Corp., introduced the Code-Seeker as a new Strattec product. Wade Landrum explained the business opportunities with CyberLock products. Joey Dalessio suggested a Loss Prevention program by Security Wise Group. Laurie Simon dug into the past to show the evolution of door checks to door closers. ALOA was 50 years old in 2006 and had their convention in Las Vegas. Steve Young offered solutions and tricks for opening vehicles. Tom Thill showed how to make keys for a Honda sidewinder lock. Steve Kaufman offered a brief history of Hudson Lock.                            

Bringing Them Back Alive

A Locksmith Ledger reader is seeking assistance with a handle from a Mosler file cabinet safe. This handle was often called a butterfly handle. It is mounted flush with the surface of the safe since the door swings to the side and rolls into a pocket in the safe cabinet. The lock is probably about 50 years old and the key is missing.

Number 9398.28 is printed on the face of the lock and the keyway appears to be a Chicago K4R. However, Chicago Lock has no records of such a key code. Do any of our readers have any information which would assist us in fitting a key to this lock?