News Briefs, July 2016

July 4, 2016

New Master Lock Merchandise Display Boards

The Master Lock Company has introduced new Merchandise Display Boards for locksmiths that help them better serve their customers by showcasing a variety of trusted padlock options in one place.

The first two of eight display boards are now available – the DBD01 Master Lock General Security Commercial Laminated Padlocks and DBD02 Edge® Key Control Display Boards. These compact 15-inch by 20-inch boards are designed of durable polycarbonate, with mounted, best-in-class product samples.

The boards can be installed on peg board or slat wall, and optional counter stands (4500HK) are also available. By comparing features, customers are likely to better understand shackle and keying options to determine the best product choice for their application.

The General Security Commercial Laminated Padlocks Display Board will offer five mounted padlocks for comparison purposes. The commercial-grade, high-quality laminated steel pin tumbler padlocks of varying sizes are built to withstand tough environmental conditions while providing reliable security. Their possible uses cover a wide range of applications, from general purpose to high traffic areas, including storage units, equipment, gates and vending machines.

The Edge Key Control Display Board will feature four mounted products that include solid and laminated steel, solid brass and ProSeries® padlocks to demonstrate the key control option across multiple padlocks. Edge provides the customer with the power to control authorization and duplication of padlock security keys for equipment, facility, fleet and remote applications.

Locksmiths interested in obtaining these Merchandise Display Boards for their shops should contact their local Master Lock representative or preferred security hardware distributor.  For more information about Master Lock, visit

Live Chat Customer Support for HES, Adams Rite and Alarm Controls

ASSA ABLOY Phoenix of has launched its Live Chat tech support feature on all Phoenix brand websites. After successful implementation on the Securitron website, Adams Rite, HES and Alarm Controls have introduced the same support.

Tech Support via Live Chat is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST to answer product questions, assist with installations and provide technical support. Simply visit any of the ASSA ABLOY Phoenix brand websites, and click on the Click Here to Chat button to instantly connect with a representative.

“We had tremendously positive feedback with the Securitron live chat feature, so we’ve rolled it out to all ASSA ABLOY Phoenix brands,” said Wendy Bowman, Marketing Communications Director, EMS & OEM Group, ASSA ABLOY. “This digital tool is another way we can make it easy for our customers to reach our exceptional technical support team.”

Customers can also reach sales and tech support by:

Calling Adams Rite at 800-872-3267 or by emailing [email protected].

Calling Alarm Controls at 800-645-5538 or by emailing [email protected].

Calling HES 800-626-7590 or by emailing [email protected].

H.L. Flake New Quarterly Catalog

H.L. Flake's hot-off-the-press, newest volume of the Security Hardware Catalog mailed the second week in June and tops out at 276 pages.  The last issue of this catalog was mailed in February.

New products from 2015 and 2016 are featured on over 30 pages in the catalog, such as the much talked about indoor Bluetooth-enabled padlock 4400D by Master Lock. 

Of special note in this catalog, H. L. Flake has created a “retail-ready” section of retail-packaged items that the storefront locksmith can showcase in his/her store. The section has a three-star ranking system recommending which products will be best sellers. The “retail-ready” product offering includes over 30 pages of keys, key accessories, padlocks, hardware and more, along with storefront selling tips from Dan Floeck, H. L. Flake’s CEO. The star ranking system is meant to be a buying guide for the locksmith and shows which retail items are platinum, gold and silver sellers for locksmiths across the country.

The mailing of this new catalog comes only one month after the new full-line H. L. Flake Automotive Locksmith Catalog was mailed.

H. L Flake stocks over 28,000 SKUs, and its entire product offering is shown online, with e-commerce ordering.  The company provides same-day shipping and has a better than 95 percent fill rate. All orders placed on the company website are discounted one percent.

For more information or to open an account, visit: and register.  With account registration you may request a copy of the catalog.

Camden Upgrades Access to Historic Theatre

When the historic Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick sought to upgrade their access control system, it turned to the expertise of integrator Philip Bourque, Division Manager of New Brunswick-based Royal Door Ltd. and his Team.

The Theatre, which opened its doors in 1913 and has been termed the finest theatre in Eastern Canada, had two goals in mind. One was to enable wheelchair accessibility to the building with a low-energy door operator. The other was to enable employees to easily secure three main entrance doors remotely, from behind the reception desk.

CHALLENGES: Because the Theatre ranks as a Heritage Building, Bourque wasn't able to drill in the walls to run the wires. "We couldn't run wires through the walls or ceilings to get to the switches, so we had to do a wireless installation," he explains. "We needed to unlock and lock three electric door strikes (simultaneously) from behind the counter, and indicate the lock status, so that staff always know if the door strikes are locked or unlocked." Of course, the automatic door operator must also be deactivated when the door strikes are locked. "Consequently, we needed an additional relay so that when you lock the strike it also deactivates the activation switches controlling the door operator, he adds, "That's where it got complicated. Ultimately, a wireless switch was needed to open and close the door while another wireless switch was needed to lock and unlock it.”

The biggest challenge, Bourque points out, was finding the right wireless solution to meet the Theatre's request for this combination of accessibility, access control and ease of use for their staff.

SOLUTION:  Camden Door Controls was the first choice for equipment because of their market leadership in providing turn-key wireless solutions and products that span both ADA and access control systems. For this application, Bourque chose a Camden Aura™ LED illuminated push plate to lock/unlock the entrance door strike and annunciate the lock status because it provided the convenience of a large ADA push plate with a highly visual indication of the lock status. Editor note: Alternatively, a key switch with red/green LEDs would provide a secure means of locking/unlocking the doors or a mushroom push button with LEDs would provide the same general functionality in a smaller size. Aura™ push plate switches offer field selectable green/red/off illumination, which is activated directly (by switch) or remotely (by control relay or access control system).

Bourque chose Camden’s Lazerpoint RF™ 915 Mhz. spread spectrum wireless transmitters and receivers for interconnection of the door operator, ‘push to open’ push plate switches and Aura™ lock/unlock push plate switch. Lazerpoint RF™ offers the most advanced wireless communications available today and the battery operated transmitters provide an incredible 500,000 operations using standard ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries.

Relay control for the system was also provided by Camden. A CX-33 advanced logic relay was used as the controller for the automatic door, with 3 switch inputs (connected wirelessly) and 3 electric strike outputs. The CX-33 is a ‘state of the art’ door controller with 14 operating modes, designed to provide ‘universal’ support for virtually any project. In addition, a CX-12 control relay was used to latch the illumination of the Aura™ lock/unlock push plate switch.


  • 1 CM-45/1GR Green/Red Aura™ illuminated ‘Lock/Unlock’ push plate enclosure and switch
  • 4  CM-40/ 4 1/2" round ‘Push To Open’ push plate switches
  • 3 CM-TX9 915Mhz. battery powered wireless transmitters
  • 2 CM-RX91  915Mhz. 1-relay wireless receivers
  • 1 CM-RX-92  915Mhz. 2-relay wireless receiver
  • 1 CX-33 Advanced logic control relay
  • 1 CX-12  Switching network control relay.

Bourque reports that the management team at the Imperial Theatre is very pleased with the success and aesthetics of the installation. The wireless solution also kept costs down as it eliminated the need to run wires and battery maintenance is minimized. "Things can get really complicated with historical buildings," Bourque states. "It's a very different set of dynamics, and the Camden Door Controls solution was ideal for meeting the end user's needs and aesthetic requirements."

Camden Door Controls (  is a leading provider of innovative, high quality and competitively priced door activation and locking products. Camden products are designed for compliance to UL standards, building/fire codes and ADA requirements. Royal Door is a leading supplier of automatic pedestrian entrances and architectural storefronts to the Atlantic Canada market.

Midwest Wholesale Launches New Website

Kansas City, Mo—Midwest Wholesale Hardware  announced a new game-changing website for those in the door hardware and security industry. The new website launched June 6, 2016.

“Our new website puts more power in the hands of buyers to search on their own terms for products they need, using the language they use every day,” Chris Casazza, CEO of Midwest Wholesale Hardware, said. “We listened to those in the industry to create a website that suits their needs. Now, unlike other websites in the industry, buyers can search using common product descriptors, making the experience so much more user-friendly.”

Built with the most cutting edge technology, the new website will feature powerful e-commerce capabilities, extensive resources, and next-day delivery for most products. Most notably, the website breaks from many others in the door hardware industry by allowing users to search the expansive product list using common terms and order instantly without relying on complicated product codes or spec sheets.

To access the new features, new users must register at the website, while existing customers simply update their profile using their account number. Customers who need assistance getting their account number can contact their representative for assistance. By registering, customers are automatically entered to win one of several prizes, including a Macbook Air. The new website is located at