Corporate Profile: Capitol Industries

July 1, 2016

For more than 60 years, Capitol Industries has been active in the innovation and production of security products. It started with legendary entrepreneur, Aaron Fish, who bought a die casting factory and turned it into a global company, then called Unican Security Systems, through the invention and production of the still popular push-button lock.

Certified ISO 9001:2008 Capitol Industries Inc. is now privately owned and manufactures security products and components for more than 200 companies. In addition to locks, the Montreal-based company makes everything from furniture hardware and key safes to precision tools and latch protectors.

Our Magnetic Cam Lock is the latest example of the company’s six-decade tradition of innovation and cutting-edge design. With no teeth to damage or keyhole to jam up, magnetic keys can’t be copied, won’t break inside the locks, and the locking mechanism is safe from all forms of contaminants and harsh environments. Furthermore, the Magnetic Cam Lock cannot be picked by any known technique. With thousands of magnetic combinations available, it is ideal for a wide range of everyday applications.

Capitol’s vertically-integrated structure provides all services under one roof. It’s a one-stop shop from customer contact and quotation, through to design, tool manufacturing, casting, machining, finishing and assembly.The company also prides itself on providing quality products, strict adherence to specifications, on-the-spot expertise, personalized service and speedy turnaround, which means customers’ needs can be satisfied in days instead of months. This structure enables customers to place smaller orders more frequently and helps Capitol respond to changing demands quicker than distant offshore suppliers, offering customers unparalleled value.

The success and longevity of Capitol Industries shows that a lean, focused and innovative Canadian enterprise can compete with overseas manufacturers that rely on inexpensive labor to remain competitive.

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