Corporate Profile: Sargent & Greenleaf

July 1, 2016

Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G), an American-Owned Company since 1865, is a manufacturer of medium and high security locks and locking systems.  A leader in the industry, S&G specializes in high-quality mechanical and electronic locks for safes, vaults, and safe deposit boxes.  For over 150 years, S&G has been providing locking solutions for the government, financial institutions, residential, and commercial industries around the world.  

Taking it to the Next Level

In May 2016, S&G hosted its first annual Global Distributor Meeting at their corporate headquarters in Nicholasville, Kentucky.  Over 40 of their global distributor partners attended this event where S&G provided a business overview, shared their product pipeline, and engaged in discussions regarding industry best practices and market needs for product innovation.       

S&G used this meeting as an opportunity to introduce its new campaign, Taking it to the Next Level, to highlight the dynamic changes the brand has undergone in an effort to drive it’s new brand image of a forward-thinking company, committed to bringing innovative products to the marketplace.  

In an effort to take the brand to the “next level”, S&G has made some key investments to support this campaign.  For example, S&G recently invested in renovating its office space at the corporate headquarters, which had not been updated since the company moved from Rochester, New York in 1975.  The interior of the building underwent a dramatic makeover, resulting in a clean, modern look, while still acknowledging the history of the company.  Additionally, the open work space has helped foster a collaborative working environment. 

S&G has also put the resources in place to develop a deep product pipeline to deliver innovative products based on customer’s wants and needs, and overall market conditions.  S&G has put the necessary tools in place to support new products and existing products, all of which will be readily available to S&G customers to leverage. 

The distributor’s response to S&G’s Global Distributor Meeting was overwhelming.  They’re extremely excited about the future of S&G and their ability to take their business to the “next level.”

Digital Platform

One of the ways S&G is Taking it to the Next Level is through product innovation.  The latest innovation from S&G is the Digital Platform, which is a new technology platform of products that are more flexible and modular in design, easier to operate, and simpler to program.  The Digital Platform also provides enhanced security, a consistent user experience, and advanced data management. 

The Audit Lock 2.0 represents the first product release within the Digital Platform.  The Audit Lock 2.0 is a commercial-grade digital lock system with audit trail capabilities for recorded access.  Using a verified USB flash drive, security data – including who accessed the lock and when – can easily be uploaded to analyze the security of single or multiple lock systems across many users, making this an ideal solution for banks and retail outlets.    

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