Journey Into Tomorrow

May 18, 2016

"ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, will be exhibiting its journey from mechanical to digital security at IPSEC International 2016."  This was the beginning sentence in a recent press announcement.  This sentence is of special interest since it describes not only what ASSA ABLOY is doing but also describes the general direction of the whole security industry.

Each year locksmith distributors assemble for a Security Hardware Dealers Association (SHDA) meeting.  Dozens of manufacturers meet with locksmith distributors.  New products shown at the SHDA meetings will be on distributor shelves very shortly.   Locksmith Ledger has been honored for many years to attend SHDA, visit the manufacturers, and discover new products before they appear on the market.   

With very few exceptions, new products shown by manufacturers at SHDA were electronically-based. Several electronic deadbolts which will be introduced  have no mechanical key override. Cabinet locks, exit devices,  lever locks and every other type of security product at SHDA featured electronic operation.  Master Lock even has keyless padlocks which can be unlocked with a cell phone.     

Whether the topic concerns  vehicles, safes, residential security or commercial security, electronics has moved in to supersede previous mechanical variations. One has to ask, does the word  'locksmith' really describe the type of services we will be asked to provide in the future?