Back Page, June 2016

June 1, 2016

Twenty Years Ago

Tools of the Trade was the topic for the June 1996 issue. Jerry Levine showed how simple it is to install a mortise lock with Major Manufacturing jigs.  A-1 described how to use their GM 10-cut service kit.  Louis George suggested tools to use for installing builders hardware. Tom Gillespie provided instructions on unlocking various Infiniti car models. Gerry Finch explained how to service IC core lock systems.  Tom Gillespie outlined the growth of Pro-Lok.  John Grist introduced the 831C/45 padlock by Abus.  Dick Zunkel provided an analytical approach to door closer functions.  A historical view of American Lock, the padlock manufacturer, was presented.  Locksmith George Blake showed how to open a McGunn Cashhandler safe cabinet.  Mark Moneta suggested how to create a successful business culture.  Gale Johnson provided highlights of his visit to the LAB factory in Bristol, CT. Edward Hite answered questions about electronic lock installations. Charles Cole interviewed David Lowell, the 1996 ALOA president.  Milt Wolferseder displayed ways to service Gardall safes.  Jerry Levine visited the 1996 American Lock & Supply security show.  Joey Dalessio explained the use of position contracts.

Ten Years Ago

Tools of the Trade was again the topic for the June 2006 issue.  Installation jig systems from Pro-Lok were featured in an article.  Jerry Levine also visited Major Manufacturing and reported on additions to their types of installation jigs.  Jerry Levine also tested Determinator products from the Car Openers company. Another article showed the features of the EEZ Reader tools from H.E. Mitchell. Gale Johnson checked out the Handy Andy computer-driven marking tool by Columbia Marking Tools.  Tim O'Leary described the opportunities available in alarms and central stations.  Bill Neff, American Auto Lock, wrote about three new tools for originating transponder keys. Frank Markisello, Aable Locksmiths, described his force tool invention for removing Ford ignition locks.  Tim O'Leary explained the features available in power supplies.  Jerry Levine showed the steps required for replacing a Rixson floor check. Jeff (Tiny) Trepanier found a vintage Kar Clipper and showed how to use it.      

New Tuffy Aftermarket Lock

A reader contacted Locksmith Ledger and stated that our key codes were incorrect for a new cam lock used with Tuffy glove compartment and security box accessories designed for Jeep vehicles. Tuffy is using a Eurolock with a code series of 45001-49000.

Spacing for this series is unusual. There are 10 spaces on the key. The first 7 spaces use a uniform .0787" dimension between cuts. There is then a .169" empty space between the 7th and 8th cuts. Spacing then begins again with .0787" cut to cut. As example, the cut for this 45059 code are 4221213424.

Aftermarket key blanks for this Tuffy lock include Ilco EU1R, Keyline LF1S and JMA EU-1.