Back Page, March 2015

Jan. 30, 2015

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine reported on interconnected locksets.  T.C. Mickley suggested some overlooked hardware products for commercial doors.  Louis George added hardware solution ideas for commercial door problems. Tom Gillespie displayed various methods for unlocking Ford vehicles.  James Glazier described how door and frame replacement can be another profit center for locksmiths.   Tom Gillespie also demonstrated the installation of a mortise lock using a Pro-Lok IN-Series mortising jig. Gale Johnson reviewed a keypad for opening garage doors which is made by Domino Engineering.  Marketing advice written by Stephen Sharpe should be even more important reading today than it was twenty years ago. Where is Steve Sharpe today?  Gale Johnson interviewed Richard Paganes who was beginning a locksmith franchise business called Speedy Keys.  Tom Gillespie offered general ideas for opening cars in the '90s.  Richard Formica showed the special procedures necessary for servicing Saturn car locks. Mark Moneta offered ways to survive in the locksmith business.  Ed Hite explained ways to make retrofit jobs cosmetically perfect.  Milt Wolferseder described how to service Major floor safes.

Ten Years Ago

Tim O’Leary showed ways to retrofit electronic locks in place of mechanical versions.  Jerry Levine installed a CompX eLock into a gun safe cabinet.  RCI described their QS-4K001 single door access control system.  Kaba Access Control reported on an E Plex 5000 system installed at a popular California boat harbor. Tom Gillespie had 10 tips for $uccessful $afe $ales.  Jerry Levine visited AMSEC Security Products and reported on their new safe cabinet products.  Gale Johnson offered instructions on making a homemade illuminated plug follower.  Great assistance for older eyes.   Gale Johnson also reported on the "case against tubular locks." Robert Thomas described the exciting 2005 year for the Institutional Locksmith Association.  Steve Kaufman wrote a article on the characteristics of a successful locksmith business.   Tiny serviced a GM in-dash ignition cylinder.

Fastec Adds New CW Series

Fastec (FIC) makes locks for RV trailers. For several years the code series was CF301-CF351. Code series beginning with EF and HF were added later, but the key cuts were identical to the CF series.  The first aftermarket  key blank was the Ilco 1617 / FIC1 blank.  Later the cylinder design was changed and the shoulder stop was moved deeper into the lock plug. Longer Ilco 1681 / FIC3 and JMA FCS-1D blanks were required. 

Fastec introduced a new CW series late last year. The CW series is CW401-CW434.  Code number CW421 is not used so there are 33 new codes in the series. The new CW series used the same 1681-type blank plus the same depth and spaces as the former CF series. 

 Spacing remains: 126-220-315-409-504.

Depths are: 1) 260  2) 240  3) 220.

A new removal key is required for use with the CW series. No specific aftermarket key blank is available to originate a removal key. The CW key code can be found on a paper tag fastened to the interior side of the lock case.