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Nov. 3, 2014

GPLA Celebrates 65th Anniversary

The Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association (GPLA) celebrated their 65th anniversary with a very successful 2014 convention. Successful classes were conducted during the week of September 8-12 followed by an exhibit and black tie dinner on September 13th.

While some locksmith conventions have attracted fewer attendees in recent years, the GPLA exhibit floor was buzzing with activity.  Many popular locksmith distributors had exhibits and security-related companies from across the country sent in important representatives for the occasion.

A highlight of every GPLAC convention is the black tie dinner plus the Herman Hennsler and Philadelphia awards which are presented later in the evening after dinner.  This year GPLA honored the European Locksmith Federation.  Many locksmiths and their wives arrived from Europe for the event. The prestigious Philadelphia Award winner was Dave O'Toole, president of the European Locksmith Federation.  Mr. O'Toole is well-known in both Europe and the U.S. for the time and effort he has freely provided in support of the locksmith industry.

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