Back Page, September 2014

Sept. 2, 2014

Twenty Years Ago

M.A.G. introduced their removable latch guard for double-acting aluminum doors. Ed Hite described the tools required for installing electric locks. Ilco Unican introduced Securaphone, a phone-operated alarm system.  Louis George explained how gasketing is used to seal out smoke, sound and the elements. Master Lock wrote about their 8179 U-Bar bike lock. T.C. Mickley explained how to read labels on safes. James Glazier suggested 'Security Consulting' as a new sideline for locksmiths. Richard Formica fit keys to an Audi. Jerry Levine demonstrated how to install a PDQ lever lock. Paul Kosakowski, PDQ, described the movement towards 'Made in America.' Markar explained their adjusta-screw system for aligning their continuous hinges. Insurance cost benefits derived from installing an alarm was discussed. Don't have a Haworth blank?  A September, 1994 article shows how to use an AP5 blank as a sub. Milt Wolferseder serviced a SLS safe from England. Carl Dean looked at keypads and electrified door hardware.

Ten Years Ago

Electronic locks was the focus for the month. Tom Gillespie pressed readers to 'Step Up' to standalones.  Gale Johnson explained the Schlage line of King Cobra locks.  Tim O'Leary suggested ways to add CCTV to an existing access control system. O'Leary also reported on request to exit (REX) products.  Jerry Levine installed an Omnilock access control system by OSI.  Remarkably, quickly changing ideas in electronics make many of these products obsolete. Rod Oden digs deep into the concepts of master keying to produce incidental masterkeys. Steve Young discussed the pros and cons of long-reach car opening tools.  Jerry Levine introduced readers to the new Klinky Bejewelled Keys.  Keedex showed their new DRLSR door laser guide which uses a laser to accurately aim the drill bit while coring a door. Richard Formica described problems encountered during a safe moving project.  Rick Duskiewicz introduced readers to The NY Association of In-House Locksmiths, Inc (NYAIL).  Tiny serviced the locks on a Chevrolet Aveo.  Steve Kaufman interviewed industry notable, Carolyn Connelly.

Sienna Mailbox Key Request

Cabinet and utility locks from foreign countries are flooding our domestic market. A problem for locksmith is that customers expect us to furnish duplicate keys. Finding a substitute key blank is not always possible. An example is this new mailbox lock from a company called Sienna-Architectural Mailboxes. This product is being distributed by a big box store chain.

A locksmith was asked to key alike several of these mailboxes. First, he found that the pin tumblers were smaller in diameter than anything he had in stock. Second, he could not find a key blank to fit the keyway.

In this case there was a solution. Sienna will sell keyed-alike replacement locks and key blanks.  Contact Sienna at 800-464-7491 (California) for more information.

Locksmith Ledger obtained a lock for examination purposes. An Ilco AG1 blank can be substituted. Spacing is: 201-315-429-543. Depths are: 1.)236  2.)219  3.)201  4.)183  5.)165.