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March 3, 2014

Locksmith Ledger's Top 10 Online Articles For 2013

The following is a listing of the 10 most-read articles on our web site,, during 2013. Favorite topics seemed to cross all sectors of the industry, ranging from pricing to commercial lock servicing to safe moving to automotive locksmithing. We have also included direct links for our readers who wish to view these articles online and the month and year they were published in the magazine itself.

For a more complete listing of the top articles and top new products in 2013, visit

  1. 2013 National Average Price Survey: Feb. 2013,
  2. Servicing and Retrofitting Mortise Locks: Oct. 2011,
  3. Code Requirements for Electromagnetic Locks: Feb. 2012,
  4. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Spindles from Progressive Hardware: Aug. 2012,
  5. A Look Back at Vintage Auto Locks: Sept. 2010,
  6. Honda Cycle Key Fitting: Nov. 2012,
  7. SimpliciKey: The Future Is Now: Dec. 2012,
  8. Safe Moving Equipment: April 2010,
  9. Tampering With Tamper Resistant Screws: March 2010,
  10. An Overview of Aluminum Stile Glass Front Doors: Dec. 2012,

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