Back Page, Feb. 2014

Feb. 3, 2014


Key machines were featured in Locksmith Ledger. Jerry Levine tested the Pak-A-Punch by A1.   Robert Irmer discussed the variety of DorGard products by Scotsman. Where are they now?  Mike Turner, Ilco Unican,  explained how their Ilco KD56 sidewinder machine is operated.  HPC showed the advancements made to the Blitz 1200CMB.  Phil Agius showed how quickly and easily a key can be originated on a Framon #2 code machine. Carl Dean, Von Duprin, provided a basic primer on electrified lock basics.  Ed Hite continued the electronic theme with a summary guide to electric lock hardware.  Tricia Hopkins explained the importance of combining access control and fire alarms.  Bud Toye, Toye Corp., helped readers understand choices available in access control.  Tim O’Leary explained the control technology required to operate an alarm system.   Jerome Andrews demonstrated how the Select 2000 deadbolt could be operated by either standard or IC core cylinders. Jerry Levine continued has series on the history of Schlage Lock Company.  Another article by Ed Hite explained how to choose the correct electric strike.  Gale Johnson introduced readers to Slideline patio door products. Where are they now?  James Glazier compared several interchangeable core lock systems.  Milt Wolferseder opened a Baum safe.


Institutional locksmiths were featured in the February 2004 Locksmith Ledger. We visited some institutional locksmith shops to get a first-hand, impressive  look at their operations. Steve Kaufman visited institutional locksmith John Truempy who was a locksmith at the University of Pennsylvania.  Tim O’Leary visited the locksmith shop at the University of Virginia.   A1 showed their line of IC servicing tools and installation jigs.  Kaba-Ilco provided an article on the Kaba Solitaire lock system.  The Institutional Locksmith Association held their convention in Bristol, CT, and  Locksmith Ledger was there to report on the event. Tom Gillespie explained what the various mortise lock function numbers mean.  Rod Oden detailed some lockset installation mistakes which can lead to serious problems.  Strattec explained how to use their Code-Seeker machine.  Jerry Levine installed a Sargent 351 EHT closer/holder device.  Jeff Trepanier reviewed the Pro-Lok auto opening manual.


A Philadelphia locksmith contacted us with a key fitting problem. His customer was restoring an old ice cream truck. The freezer cabinet doors had a total of five Chicago padlocks but the keys were missing. Key codes stamped on the padlocks showed that they were keyed alike.

The required key blank is a double-sided Chicago K7 or Ilco 1041K.  This blank has secondary grooves which prohibits trial and error insertion of the precut 2001-2576 Chicago keyset.  We placed a call to CompX to see if they had a crosssover number between the X6246 code and the 2001-2576 keyset.  It took CompX some time to check their code archives but we did eventually obtain the correct keyset number.

At one time Sagar Corporation made an invaluable machine for quickly duplicating double-sided Chicago keys.  One of those machines is still on my work bench, plugged in and waiting to cut keys. It took only a few minutes to duplicate the 1041K key and another challenge was solved.