Locksmithing etc. Feb. 2014

Feb. 3, 2014

SDC Exit Annunciator Bar

The Security Door Controls Exit Annunciator Bar, Model EA100, is a highly visible RGB (red-green-blue) signal device that interfaces with SDC Delayed Egress and EMLocks in addition to other manufacturers’ electromagnetic locks. The SDC Exit Annunciation Bar can be wall-, ceiling-, lock- or frame-mounted using bonding tape or screws.

This 12 or 24VDC light bar display can also operate with other access control devices to provide a visual indicator for locked, unlocked, forced entry, unauthorized exit, power, etc. The built-in sensors can activate a local and/or remote alarm. Multiple color LEDs provides a highly visible indicator from any angle. The illumination can be solid or flash and combinations of colors can be produced.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Security Door Controls, 801 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012. Telephone: 805-494-0622. Web Site: www.sdcsecurity.com.

E-PRO Touch

LockeyUSA has introduced the E-Digital E-PRO Touch, a touchscreen keypad electronic lever lock. Features include auto locking function, auto latch detection, remote capable, and random keypad activation codes.

To prevent determining the code from the residue left on the touchpad by each person’s fingers operating the lock, the LockeyUSA E-PRO Touch has a random keypad activation code that appears prior to illuminating the entire keypad. The random keypad activation code is a group of numbers, either vertical or horizontal. To activate the keypad, all of the numbers that appear on the screen must be pressed in any order. Having additional areas of the keypad pressed each time, prevents lock tampering by attempting to decode.

This four AA battery operated entry lock can have up to six User Codes and a single-use disposable User Code.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Lockey USA, Web Site: www.LockeyUSA.com.

Schlage CO-220 Classroom Lockdown Solution  

The Schlage CO-220 cylindrical or mortise configuration electromechanical lock provides two solutions for immediate local lockdown in an emergency. The first solution is to know when the lock is in the lockdown condition without having to leave the room and test the operation of the outside lever to check. An LED located on the inside housing above the lever continuously illuminates when the lock is in the lockdown condition.

The second solution is a one-button fob that is paired to the lock. Up to 10 fobs can be paired to each lock.

Once in the lockdown condition, only an administrative (safety) credential will override the lock.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Schlage atWeb Site: http://us.allegion.com/Products/electronic_locks/standalone/costandalonelocks/co220/Pages/default.aspx

A-1 Security Manufacturing

A-1 Security Manufacturing has sent out a press release discussing the consolidation of A1 Security Manufacturing and a subsidiary sister company, Cumsa Corporation, manufacturer of LockCraft automotive locks, keys and electrical switches. A-1 Security Manufacturing and Cumsa are part of the Avis Industrial Corporation.

A-1 and LockCraft products are shipping from the Brownsville, TX facility.  Each company will retain their own brand identity. Contact A-1 Security Manufacturing at telephone 877-PAK-A1A1 (877-725-2121) or online at www.demanda1.com. The LockCraft web site is  www.lockcraftproducts.com.

Medeco App

Medeco’s Site Survey Wizard is now a mobile application (app) for Android and Apple operating system smart phones and tablets. The Site Survey Wizard is designed to take data entered using the app form and produces it in an organized format. The Site Survey Wizard provides images finishes, tailpieces and other components to provide a more complete survey. In addition, the Site Survey Wizard comes equipped with a Medeco technical support assistant when considering upgrading to Medeco cylinders and/or cores. The finished survey is exported in a .csv file.

The Medeco Site Survey Wizard app is free of charge and is available from the Amazon, Apple iTunes Store and Google Play.

Saturn Servicing Tip

Saturn ignition locks are retained using two basic methods: the single retainer and the double retainer. An easy way to remember what retention method is used for most Saturn vehicles is to know the ignition lock keyway.

If the ignition lock keyway accommodates an Ilco P1110, Jet B96, Ilco EZ B96, or a JMA  GM-40, the ignition lock is equipped with a double retainer.

If the ignition lock keyway accommodates an Ilco P1108, Jet B88, Ilco EZ B88, or a JMA  GM-21, the ignition lock is equipped with a single retainer.

If the Saturn vehicle is equipped with a "Z" keyway ignition lock, the ignition lock is equipped with a double retainer. Saturn "Z" keyway key blanks include Bianchi BB112-PT, Ilco P1115 and B111-PT, Ilco EZ B106, Jet B106-NP and B112-CP-PHT, JMA GM-37 and TP12GM37P

FJM KeyGuard Electronic Key Cabinets  

The KeyGuard Electronic Key Cabinets are constructed from heavy gauge steel using a continuous pin and barrel hinge. These locking key cabinets can accommodate up to 48 or 122 keys. Each cabinet is equipped with an FJM Combi-Cam E electronic combination cam lock that has a master/manager override function, audible and visual feedback and an optional five-minute "lock-out" mode that occurs after three incorrect entries. To ensure the KeyGuard cabinet is locked and secured, an optional warning alarm sounds if the door remains open for more than one minute. Expected battery life is up to ten years.

For more information contact FJM Security Products at 800-654-1786. Web Site: www.combination-key-cabinet.com.

New Arms for Sargent 1331 Door Closer

Sargent has expanded the number of arms for the 1331, an ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 door closer. This aluminum alloy body closer has power adjustment from one to six with separate latching, closing/sweep and backcheck intensity valves. There are eight new arms; four are hold open and four are non-hold open. The new functions include top jamb deep reveal (2-3/4" -6-3/4"), heavy duty parallel rigid, heavy duty parallel with positive stop and heavy duty parallel with spring stop. The Sargent 1331 Door Closer has a 25-year warranty.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or SARGENT Manufacturing Company at Web Site: www.sargentlock.com.

Car-Opening Techniques: 2006-14 Volkswagen GTI

This month we will offer car-opening tool manufacturers’ recommended techniques for opening the 2006-14 Volkswagen GTI. These two-door hatchbacks do not have mechanical lock linkage inside the door. The 2006-14 VW GTi is equipped with electronic door locking mechanisms.

CAUTION: These vehicles are equipped with multilayer weather stripping that fits very tight. Forcing a wedge or car opening tool into the opening can result in tearing the weather stripping. A thin piece of plastic or a plastic putty knife can be carefully used to enlarge the opening. Using a small amount of diluted dish detergent can help.

Be very careful when you contact the lock buttons or the inside handle. Too much force can result in scratching or marring the button or handle.

The following opening methods can be used to unlock the 2006-14 Volkswagen GTi:

Use the High Tech Tools Flexible Long Reach Tool #78SG and a glass wedge to unlock the driver's door locking mechanism. Carefully wedge out the driver's door window and insert the glass wedge in the upper rear corner. Through the opening, insert the #78SG car-opening tool into the passenger compartment with the tip pointing downward. Slide the tool until the tip is positioned in front of the lock button. Pull back on the tool to rock the button to the unlocked position. Position the car-opening tool behind the inside handle. Pull out on the door handle once to unlock the door locking mechanism. Open the door using the outside handle.

Use the Pro-Lok AO-35 “MCOT-Wide” tool and an inflatable wedge to unlock the passenger door locking mechanism. Insert the inflatable wedge 10 inches from the front edge of the passenger door window. Inflate the wedge according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Insert the AO-35 car-opening tool into the door 10 inch3s from the front edge of the window with the tip of the tool facing forward. Lower the tool 11 inches into the door cavity until the bend is beneath the bottom of the window glass. Rotate the tool until the arch is on the passenger compartment side of the window glass. Deflate the wedge. Carefully lift the tool until the tip is in the passenger compartment. Rotate the tool 45 degrees counterclockwise and manipulate the tip of the tool onto the bottom portion of the electric lock-unlock button. Carefully push the electric lock-unlock button, unlocking the locking mechanism.

Use the Slide Lock Flush Mount Tool™ and two wedges to unlock the passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting the two wedges slightly larger than the width of the Flush Mount Tool just forward of the outside door handle. Lubricate the top of the loop. Carefully insert the Flush Mount Tool into the opening between the two wedges. Lower the tool into the door cavity until the top of the loop is beneath the bottom of the window glass. Manipulate the tool until the loop slides up on the interior side of the window glass. As soon as the tool is visible, stop and remove the wedges. Carefully raise the Flush Mount Tool until the tip is in the passenger compartment. Position the tip of the tool beneath the lip in the inside lock button. Raise the tool to unlock the locking mechanism.

Use the Steck Manufacturing BigEasy “Glo” with the BigEasy Loop and a wedge to unlock the passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting a wedge or inflatable wedge into the top corner of the door. Once the door has been wedged out, insert the BigEasy tool into the passenger compartment in front of the door lock/unlock buttons and the inside lock handle to unlock the locking mechanism.

Use the Tech-Train Productions TT-1015 car-opening tool and two wedges to unlock the passenger door locking mechanism. Insert the first wedge near the inside door handle. Position the second wedge about eight inches from the first. Carefully insert the TT-1015 tool into the opening created by the wedges with the tip towards the front of the vehicle. Lower the tool until the upper bend is beneath the base of the window glass. Rotate the tool counterclockwise slightly until the bend is on the inside of the glass. Carefully raise the TT-1015 until you can just see the bend within the weather stripping. Stop immediately and remove the wedges. Failure to remove the wedges can result in the glass breaking.

Carefully raise the car-opening tool until the tip in within the passenger compartment. Use the tip of the tool to operate the inside door handle or the  power door lock buttons.

The direction to rotate the 2006-14 Volkswagen GTi driver's door lock plug to the unlocked position is counterclockwise.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or the following car-opening tool manufacturers:

High Tech Tools, 1628 NW 28th St., Miami, FL 33142. Telephone 305-635-1011. Fax 305-635-1015 .Website: www. AccessToolsUSA.com

Pro-Lok, 655 North Hariton Street, Orange, CA 92868. Telephone: 714-633-0681. Fax: 714-633-0470. Website: www.pro-lok.com

Slide Lock Tool Co. Inc., 1166 Topside Rd., Louisville, TN 37777. Telephone: 800-336-8812 .Website: www.z-tool.com..

Steck Manufacturing, Telephone: 800-227-8325 Web site: www.steckmfg.com.

Lockmasters Inc., 2101 John C. Watts Drive, Nicholasville, KY 40356. Telephone: 800-654-0637. Fax 859-885-7093. Website: www.lockmasters.com

We are interested in printing opening methods from other car-opening tool manufacturers. To have your instructions published, contact Jerry Levine C/O Locksmith Ledger, 3030 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 200, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Fax: 847-454-2759. E-mail: [email protected].