Back Page, October 2013

Oct. 2, 2013


Jerrry Levine reported on Schlage PL series extruded brass padlocks. ADA laws had been recently instituted and Locksmith Ledger reported on how ADA laws might affect the locksmith business. Mark Moneta offered a wide ranging article on ADA regulations. Charles Robertson showed innovations in the N.T. Falcon line.  Key blank cross reference software was reviewed.  CCL was the subject of an article on the new products added to their lineup.  Susan Carter, a specialist on ADA rules, attempted to eliminate the confusion about ADA laws with her article.  Tom Gillespie instructed readers on opening an Acura Legend with Pro-Lok tools.  Vern Sanders, Pemko Mfg., told how existing openings could be brought into ADA compliance with a Pemko ramp.  Surface-mounted exit devices were explained. Jerry Levine introduced reader to Kia vehicles, first brought into USA in early 1994.  Jerry Levine also warned readers about the higher prices often charged by dealers when compared with similar auto locks purchased from locksmith distributors.  Milt Wolferseder showed how to open an old Diebold iron safe.  Steve Nicolai suggested servicing and installing automatic door openers.  Bill Bower reported on ways to recoup lost revenue from mass merchandisers who sell low cost locks.   Terri Eagler, Von Duprin, told how to legally secure stairwell doors.  Joe Landi, Securitech, suggested multi-point locking systems as a method for adding security.  


Tim O’Leary offered methods for integrating electronic hardware into a building security plan.  O’Leary also provided information on the latest keypads, card readers and biometric products for access control. Jerry Levine covered the latest available transponder programming equipment.  Gale Johnson introduced readers to some new electronic products made by Rutherford Controls.  Rod Oden provided a wide-ranging article on large format interchangeable core locks.  Jerry Levine wrote a special report on mortise locksets.   Another special report showed how to program the Sentry key system of a Chrysler Sebring convertible.   Gale Johnson successfully opened an unusual Murphy Door Bed safe. Steve Kaufman wrote an article questioning whether locksmiths should be selling import lock products.  Jerry Levine announced the arrival of the Strattec cloning tool.  Slide Lock tools added a new large truck section to their vehicle opening manual.  Tiny fit a dimple ignition key to a rare 1999 Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle.  Steve Kaufman interviewed Ron Tameris, an electronic lock system specialist with Clark Security.

A Look Back At Key Blank Pricing: 74 Years Ago

We received a key blank price sheet from a Locksmith Ledger reader which is dated 2-15-39. The Ilco key blank catalog of that era was apparently book #11.   Several of the key blanks listed on this book #11 supplement sheet are still in use today.  In 1939 apparently most standard key blanks were sold by the gross (144).  As example, a 1041K double-sided blank for Chicago locks sold for 4.00 per gross or slightly less than 3 cents each.  As with every other commodity, we will never see prices like that again but it is still interesting to look into the past for a moment.