What's New In Mechanical Security?

Aug. 12, 2013
Locksmith Ledger editor-in-chief gives a quick rundown of some of the new mechanical products on the market.

A mechanical connection between the door frame and door will always be necessary. During our visit to the ALOA Convention, we found that manufacturers are continuing to develop new products to improve mechanical security. The following security products (listed alphabetically by company) are just some of the interesting hardware which will soon be on the shelves of locksmith distributors.

CCL: While many ALOA convention booths had one or two new items, it was hard to count the many new items shown by CCL. A new line of laminated padlocks is available in four different sizes. A new line of cabinet and showcase locks will accept SFIC lock cylinders. Sesamee locks, available in several sizes, are ideal for use on suitcases or duffel bags. A Sesamee Discus padlock features a shielded shackle.  Puck style padlocks and padlocks which are made to accept IC core cylinders round out the latest products from CCL. More Info: www.cclsecurity.com.

ETI PRODUCTS: ETI has a complete line of key-operated switch locks. Switches can be ordered for panel mounting or pre-mounted on either narrow, single-gang or double-gang faceplates. If you have ever required some type of key-operated switch, ETI has a model for your application.  Housings are available to accept either SFIC cylinders or large format Schlage cylinders. More Info: www.ETIproducts.net.

GARDALL SAFES: Gardall has an extensive range of safes for every purpose. Their latest addition is a line of gun safes. According to the gun safe model, shelving inside the safe will accommodate from 11 to 47 individual guns. Either mechanical or electronic safe locks are available. More info: www.gardall.com

GMS: Several distributors displayed GMS lock cylinders. GMS has a full line of mortise, rim, profile cylinders, housings for SFIC cylinders and SFIC replacement cores. More Info: www.gmslock.com.

INGERSOLL RAND: Schlage featured a lever lock with a key-operated inside cylinder. Wording with an arrow printed on the inner escutcheon plate clearly shows which way to turn the key in order to lock the door. During an emergency situation, teachers inside a classroom can quickly know how to lock the door without having to step outside the room. Von Duprin displayed the new concealed exit device which uses enclosed cables instead of rigid actuating rods. A cutaway door showed exactly how the system functions. Ives brought their continuous hinge system to the ALOA convention. Ives continuous hinges have a simple, fast adjustment system which makes quick work of aligning the door during continuous hinge installation. More Info: www. http://www.securitytechnologies.ingersollrand.com

KABA-ILCO: Thousands of key blanks are listed in the Kaba Ilco key catalog. Even a veteran locksmith may occasionally have trouble identifying a key blank. Kaba Ilco has introduced a new automated key blank reader to solve that problem.  The key to be duplicated is inserted into a holder at the front of the machine and a lever is moved to begin the reading process.  After a few seconds the correct Ilco key blank number will be displayed on an LED screen. In some cases shapes of more than one blank will be similar, so two or three choices may be shown.  Future updates for the key reader will be available as more blanks are added to memory. More Info: www.kaba-ilco.com.

LASER KEY PRODUCTS: New key machine models were in abundant supply. One interesting model was the Laser 3D Pro Xtreme key machine. This machine contains both a vertical milling cutter blade and a standard horizontal milling cutter blade. The vise jaw can be moved next to either cutter and keys can be cut either by code or the machine can read cuts from an original key and then originate a new duplicate. More Info: www.laserkeyproducts.com

MASTER LOCK: A line of residential Grade 3 knobs, levers and deadbolts were featured in the Master Lock booth. An all-metal chassis on the knob and lever locks means no plastic parts to wear out or fail. Master Lock residential products have the KW1 keyway as standard, or can be ordered with an SC1 or Weiser keyway.  Locksets now have a solid brass cylinder plug to resist corrosion. All Master Lock residential Grade 3 hardware has a Natural Silver Bonded Finish as a defense against the spread of bacteria. Finally, a NightWatch feature on Master Lock deadbolts provides added security to prevent exterior unlocking. More Info: www.masterdoorlock.com.

OLYMPUS LOCK: A new double D metal punch has now been offered by Olympus. The CL-MP-118 punch will cut openings in sheet metal required for the 1 1/8" diameter Olympus cam locks which accept an SFIC cylinder. Another new product is the L92V latch lock which will accept a Schlage large format IC lock cylinder. Olympus Lock has a 71 page product catalog filled with a full line of cabinet locks for every purpose. More Info: www.olympus-lock.com.

SQUIRE PADLOCKS: Resettable, heavy duty, all-weather padlocks are a feature of the Squire padlock line. Padlock designs include both standard hasp type and hi-security horizontal bolt types. A Zenith Combi is an integrated chain and lock model which includes an LED light for use in dark places.  A Combination Bolt lock is a surface-mounted slide bolt lock. A Stronghold padlock can be orders with either standard or shielded shackle and has the dials accessible from both front and back for easier dial turning. More Info: www.max1securityproducts.co

STA: STA offers a series of popular key blanks which all have a neuter shaped bow to discourage non-locksmiths from recognizing the key for duplication. In addition, STA can furnish its line of key blanks with your company name, phone number or other information embossed on the keybow. Each STA key blank can be fitted with a rubber dots in various colors so customers can easily identify similar keys on their key ring. STA also has a plastic board with cutouts for 21 popular keyways. Before duplication, the original key can be inserted in the proper cutout to verify the keyway. More Info: www.secure-t.ca