Ziptide, Sept. 2013

Sept. 3, 2013

Low Voltage Work

We alll should be required to take a course at a community college in basic electrical work and electronics in low voltage. Then we can reap the  rewards that we are missing out on in the locksmith trade

Jonathan Crayton

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Cabinet Code Question: We have an old Shaw Walker fireproof file cabinet in the shop and we need to make keys for it.  The code on the lock is JRKVA. The key blank is an Eagle 1013DL.  We are unable to impression this lock.  Does anyone know of a code series like this or a way to take the lock out?

These are called Eagle letter codes. The cuts for JRKVA should be 2462. Use Card 19 if you have a 1200 or Ilco card machine. Locksmiths have been sending key code cuts to Locksmith Ledger for many years. We have collected many Eagle letter codes but not all of them. Fortunately we had the Eagle code you needed.

Big "M" Key: I have had a few customers come in lately with a key blank I am not familiar with.  It has a large square bow with a large "M" on it and the keyway looks similar to the Schlage 1468 but reversed and slightly different.  I have heard that they are Major keys.  Can you tell me an aftermarket part number for these?  Thank you.

I have not heard of an "M" key from your description. It may be an imported lock. A company called Meroni does have an "M" logo and their keybows are square. Meroni uses the Dexter sectional keyways. If that is not correct, please have your customer see if there is a name on the cylinder or face plate of the lock.

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