Ziptide, June 2012

June 4, 2012


Got a challenging question about a recent installation? Our online discussion forums might just have the answer you need. Forum topics include Ask An Expert, General Locksmithing, Electronic Access Control, Safe Servicing and Automotive Locksmithing.

Post your questions at or post your question and see if your colleagues or our editors have an answer.

Here are a couple recent questions posted by our readers. Feel free to help out a colleague and share your knowledge.

“Hello, I have some XL locks with code numbers from 3500 thru 4700 these numbers are stamped on the back of the locks and they do not show up in Codes Express. Any help would be great.”

“We are working on a 2003 Ford Focus ignition. We are replacing it with a Strattec ignition, Model 707592. We need instructions on how to put the ignition together. It comes with little parts and no instructions. This is the first time we have used this ignition for the replacement and would like a little help as to how it all goes together to work properly.”


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