Rooney's Desk

Jan. 18, 2012

A syndicated automotive writer always begins his column by stating what cars he has in his driveway.  I often admire him because of the exotic machinery he has at his disposal for testing.  His car models can run the gamut from expensive SUVs to family sedans to special sport models.

Actually I have the same situation right at my own desk. There are twenty or thirty people working in our office and everybody else has a clean, neat desk area except me.  My desk is currently filled with a new Schlage entry set with built-in alarm, a Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt, an Arrow Revolution electronic deadbolt, an Ilco key machine, a Deerfield patio door lock and a variety of disassembled lock cylinders.  Each week on 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney found some interesting but normal items to talk about and there is enough 'stuff' on my desk to probably do the same thing.      

In addition to transient items such as the electronic deadbolts, my desk also contains normal office desk items such as a computer. In my case I have two computers. Andy Rooney felt at home with his typewriter. In my case I am more comfortable with the smaller keyboard on my personal laptop.  So that is where I do my writing. The bigger desktop computer normally gets used for sending and receiving internet messages. 

The most important items on my desk are two 3X5 card files started years ago by Pam Anderson. Pam answered Locksmith Ledger code call questions for many years and kept a secret file of all the items she learned while talking to locksmiths.  The file is an invaluable source of information on code tidbits Pam collected.  A stack of worn key blank books is also right at hand.

I look forward each day to the phone calls from people just like you who are trying to find a special key blank, lock products, an old Ledger article or any of hundred other types of questions.  Every phone call is important. Future article topics for Locksmith Ledger often stem from the questions which I don't immediately have answers for. 

One of the most memorable phone questions happened several years ago and was about the existence of asbestos in safe cabinets and inside fireproof doors.  That phone call started a three-part series in Locksmith Ledger.  With the increased importation of foreign locks, many of the phone questions today are about what substitute key blanks to use for duplication.

As cluttered as my desk is, I can always reach the phone. Give me a call with your questions, comments or suggestions.  Call me at 847-454-2703 or E-mail [email protected].