Ziptide, October 2011

Oct. 5, 2011



After the crash, it took several months to slow down but our business started to drop in February 2009,  and we ended the year with a 6 percent drop from the year before. In 2010 it got worse.

As for 2011,  our business is still spotty from month to month. We can never gauge what is going to happen. We can have one busy month and then the next one will go down the tubes. August has been busy though, and I feel maybe that things are starting to get back to normal, only another few months will tell.

I have gone through several recessions in my 35 year history of owning the business, but this one was the worst for us.  Speaking with other locksmiths in the area, it has been much the same for all of us.  And this is in Canada,  where it wasn't supposed to be as badly hit as in the USA.    
Ian J. Smale



Victoria, BC Canada

Editor’s Note: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Editor-in-chief Gale Johnson addressed The Stable Business Curve in his August 2011 Editor’s Notes, page 6 of the August 2011 issue of Locksmith Ledger and available online at


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