Altronix Critical Infrastructure Products

April 10, 2024

Altronix has expanded its line of smart access control and power integration, data transmission, emergency communication power back-up, extended range ethernet and network power management products that service critical infrastructure.

Enhanced LINQ Network Power Management technology enables advanced remote capabilities to control devices, monitor and report system power diagnostics from a single-pane platform. NetWay5P Series Hardened PoE+ Switches utilize low voltage 24VDC to support up to four PoE IP access control or surveillance devices.

Altronix continues to expand its Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions to include more brands from the leading access solution providers. Pre-wired kits with finger duct and versatile wire management options are designed to accommodate virtually any application.

Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series is now available with even more power to support the latest high-power cameras, illuminators, wireless access points and other devices. New models leverage Altronix’s new PoE360 Power Supply/Charger which operates at 115VDC or 230VAC providing 56VDC at 360W.

Altronix TempoA2 and TempoA4 Occupancy Alert Systems provide notifications when unauthorized activity or loitering occurs in secure areas.

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